Shower Mom

It was Monday morning, the first day of college. I remember it well. I tilted my head up into the shower spray and let the hot water flow down over my body. It felt so good.

The summer had flown by. I had decided to attend our local community college for the first couple of years and get my basic courses out of the way before heading off to the university (It was cheaper that way). So I was still living at home and commuting the forty-five minute drive it took to get to the campus. I had survived orientation week and was getting ready for my first day of regular classes.

As I stood there under the shower, I felt soft hands reach around to hug my chest. One began rubbing my nipples as the other one slid down to stroke my cock. Two firm breasts pushed into my back. I moaned in pleasure.

Mom and I had not had many opportunities to get together after that Friday when we made love for the first time. Either Dad or sis always seemed to be around. And the summer was no better. We only managed to get away four or five times. It was frustrating, to say the least.

But now that school had started, it was a different story. Mondays and Wednesdays my classes didn't start until 10:30 AM, Tuesdays and Thursdays not until 1:30 PM, and Fridays I was done by noon. With Dad and sis gone until supper time, that gave us a lot of time alone. And evidently Mom meant to take advantage of every minute.

She pushed her mound into my butt, tickling me with her pubic hairs. Her breasts rubbed against my back, her hard nipples pressing into my flesh. She leaned in and kissed me on the neck before licking up onto my ear lobe. Still she pumped my hardening cock, rubbing her thumb over the sensitive head. It all sent shivers up my spine.

I turned around and drew her into my arms. As my throbbing cock pressed into her soft belly I kissed her hard, shoving my tongue up into her mouth. Mom moaned and grabbed my ass, pulling me tight against her as she ground her pelvis into me. Our tongues danced against each other.

Gazing up into my eyes, she slowly knelt in front of me, dragging her fingernails over my shoulders and down my chest to my groin. Gently she cupped my balls with one hand while gripping my rock hard shaft in the other. Almost in slow motion, she leaned forward to kiss the tip before using her tongue to lick all over it like a popsicle. Finally she opened her mouth and sucked me inside. All this time she held my gaze with her hazel eyes. Bobbing up and down, she began to face-fuck herself.

I groaned as her hot mouth and tongue worked their magic. Reaching out, I entwined my fingers in her hair and held her head as I began rocking back and forth, fucking my mother's face, as the shower water cascaded down over us.

Squeezing my nuts and stroking my shaft as she lovingly sucked my cock, Mom soon had me throbbing, ready for release. Then, suddenly, she released me and raised up. As she stood, she leaned in and dragged her breasts up over my chest. When we were face to face she lightly kissed my lips.

"Mom?" I questioned.

She put her finger against my lips to stop me from saying anything. Then she turned around, bent over, and leaned against the shower wall. Using her hands, she pulled her butt cheeks apart, exposing her dripping pussy. Her invitation was obvious. I reached forward and spread her inner lips apart with one hand while aiming my spit-glistening cock with the other. I centered the head in her pink fuck hole and pushed.

Mom groaned as I filled her tight oily vagina. Looking back over her shoulder she smiled as she wiggled her ass, causing my thick shaft to squirm inside her. "Fuck mommy good," was all she said before lowering her head back against the shower wall and pushing back into my pelvis.

Gripping her hips, I pulled out until just the head was still in her. Then I pushed forward, filling her again. In and out I rocked, enjoying the feel of her clinging wet pussy as it sucked and pulled on my invading shaft.

As I got into a rhythm, I began to caress her soft ass cheeks. After awhile I used my thumbs to pull them apart so I could watch my hard cock penetrate my mother's inner core. I loved the way her hole stretched around my thickness, the way her inner lips vanished and appeared with each stroke. I marveled at how hot and wet she was. My cock glistened with her oily juices.

My brain began to shift into overdrive. I was once again fucking my beautiful mother. My hard cock was buried in the very hole from which I was born. It was willingly welcoming me back into it's depths. And it would soon, gladly, accept the offering of hot, incestuous seed that I would pour into it. Amazing! Hot! Wonderful!

My strokes began to pick up speed. I pounded forward with more force. Soon I was driving into Mom's cunt as hard as I could, her butt cheeks shaking each time my pelvis slammed into them. Mom never missed a beat. She kept thrusting her ass back to meet my every stroke.

I reached forward to grab Mom's hanging breasts as they jiggled with the force of our fucking. Cupping them, I squeezed hard. Mom moaned and fucked back at me even harder. Soon her ass was a blur as we pounded at each other.

Mom's pussy clutched at my invading cock. Her hot juices seemed to scald my shaft. The shower stall echoed with the sound of our bodies slapping together. I could feel my balls churn with my hot seed. I knew I wouldn't last much longer.

Letting go of her breast, I reached down to stroke her hard clit nub. "Cum, Mom." I urged. "Cum on your son's hard cock. Soak me with your hot pussy juice."

Mom groaned at the extra stimulation against her clit. Her pussy trembled around my shaft. Reaching back, she cupped my bouncing balls and squeezed.

"Oh, fuck, Mom. I'm going to cum! I'm going to fill your hot cunt with my thick seed. ... Cum with me, Mom. Suck my sperm right up into your incest loving womb. ... Shiiiiitttt! I'm ccccuuuummmmmiiiiinnnnnggggg!"

My cockhead swelled and belched, sending a hot stream of sticky cum shooting up into my mother's womb. Again and again it jerked. Each time it sent more of my baby-making seed splashing up into her sucking vagina, filling her hole to capacity.

Mom shuttered as she felt my hot jizz coat her inner walls. Ducking her head down, pushing her butt back tight against my pelvis, and clenching her legs together, trapping my spurting cock deep inside her twat, Mom jerked and shook through her own orgasm.

"Yyyyeeessss, Gary." she cried. "Cum in mommy's cunt. It feels ssssooooo gggooodddd! I'm cccccuuuuuummmmmmiiiinnnnngggg!"

Slowly we sank to the floor of the shower stall. My shrinking cock slipped from my mother's cum filled pussy. We lay there for a moment, hugging each other, while the water sprayed down on top of us. Mom smiled and kissed me. "I love you." she sighed.

"I love you, too." I told her. "I still can't believe I am fucking you, my wonderful, beautiful mother."

"I know," she replied. "Yet here we are, naked together, with your cum seeping out of my well fucked pussy. And I am already looking forward to doing it again."

"Again?" I asked. "I have to get to school. I don't have time to do it again."

"I know, I know." she said, sadly. "But there is always tomorrow. With your schedule for this semester, I expect to get my share of motherfucking every morning. I guess I am just a hot fuck-slut for my son's big cock. But I am tired of waiting so long between fucks. I want you to promise me you won't leave this house any morning for school without first filling my twat with at least one load of your wonderful sperm. OK?"

I looked her square in the eye. "I promise." I said. "I promise I will fuck my beautiful mother every school day morning and fill her belly full of my hot seed. I will be the best motherfucking son you could ever want."

With that we turned off the shower, dried off, and headed upstairs, where I got ready and headed off to school while Mom set about doing her housework.

That evening Dad asked me to help him in the yard. He wanted to know all about how my first day at college went. By the time we were finished it was dark. Since I had reading to do before class the next day, I excused myself and went to my room. It was late by the time I finished and the rest of the family had gone to bed. So I did, too.

The next morning Mom proved to me she meant it when she made me promise to fuck her every morning before going to school. Since I didn't have class until after lunch, she let me sleep in. Dad and sis were off to work and school before she came to wake me up.

The first thing I was aware of was something soft and warm brushing against my face. I opened my eyes and stared at Mom's pink nipple as it hovered over my forehead, just before it lowered to touch my face. Mom was sitting on the edge of my bed, stark naked.

With a feather-light touch she dragged her breasts down across my nose and over my mouth. Then she shifted direction and brought them gently across from cheek to cheek. On her way back across my face I opened my mouth to catch her nipple. Sucking it in, I lashed at it with my tongue.

"Mmmmmm! Nice." Mom said, halting her movement to allow me to suck on her tit. "It's about time you woke up, sleepy head. Time for you to make love to your horny, fuck-slut mother. I need to feel your loving touch deep inside my hot pussy this morning."

Still sucking on her tit, I reached across her leg and delved into her hairy crotch. Her mound was wet, her lips swollen and open. In no time at all I was fucking three fingers up inside her welcoming hole, while stroking her clit with my thumb.

"Oh, yes." Mom moaned, opening her legs wide to give me full access to her excited bush. As she ground her oily twat into my hand, she reached back to pull the covers off of my naked body. Grabbing my erect cock, she began to stroke up and down, smearing the pre-cum over the head.

Suddenly, she pulled her breast from my mouth, twisted around, throwing a leg over my head, and dove face first into my crotch. The feel of her warm, wet mouth engulfing my shaft was exquisite. For the next several minutes she kissed, licked and sucked my cock like it was the most wonderful thing in her life. (And at that moment, maybe it was.)

I was left staring up between my mother's legs at her dripping pussy. (It literally dripped a couple of drops of pussy cream onto my face.) I still marveled at how lucky I was. Here I was; my own lovely mother's beautiful vagina hovering over my face. I would soon be exploring it's depths, first with my tongue and then with my cock. The place of my origin was mine to love, to kiss, to fuck, whenever I wanted. Reaching up to grab her hips, I pulled her cunt down onto my face. Then I set about showing her that I felt it was the most wonderful thing in my life.

Slowly, lovingly, we built the tension that leads to orgasm. Each sensitive to the excitement of the other, we worked toward a mutual climax. As Mom poured her love juices from her quivering twat into my open mouth, I pumped my thick cream down her gulping throat.

Mom fell to the side, laying on her back. Her chest heaved with the power of her orgasm, her breasts jiggling enticingly. As I sat up beside her, she looked at me with lust-filled eyes. "Fuck me," she said. "Fuck me with that big, wonderful, hard cock of yours. I want you to shove your motherfucking prick up your mother's incestuous twat and fuck me until we both cum." Her words sent a chill down my spine.

I gazed down at her. Her hair flowed around her head like a golden brown halo. Her eyes seemed to flash with lustful desire. Her cheeks were still flushed from her orgasm. Her lips were full and kissable. As my gaze lowered, I took in her neck, smooth and long; her breasts, soft, with extended nipples which betrayed her excitement; her stomach, which seemed to flutter with each breath she took; on down to her hairy mound, shining with her oily juices; and then beyond, down her beautiful, sculpted legs. From head to toe she was gorgeous.

Just looking at her, excited me. She was my mother - my beautiful, wonderful, fuckable mother. My cock began to harden at the thought of her squirming beneath me as I pounded it into her willing body.

As I moved over Mom's body, she lay back and lifted her legs, spreading them wide to open herself to me. Reaching down she spread her pussy lips, revealing the pink interior. I set the head of my cock at the target she was giving me and pushed. Her tight hole stretched out around it, engulfing it. In one, slow thrust, it swallowed me whole, all the way to the root.

"Ooohhh yeeessss!" Mom sighed. "I can't believe how wonderful that feels. My own son's cock buried deep in my hungry twat." She looked up at me. "I don't know what's happened between us. I only know that ever since you came into the shower that first time I've needed your loving touch. I ache to feel your big, hard cock buried deep in my cunt. I can't seem to get enough of your hot sperm shooting up into me." She began corkscrewing her hairy mound against my groin, causing my cock to squirm around inside her wet pussy. "I know it's incest. But I don't care. I love it. I love you. I love my own son fucking me. Do it, Gary. Fuck me. Fuck your incest loving mother and fill my horny twat with your wonderful incestuous seed."

I held her gaze as I began to move in and out of her. Her eyes were like dark pools of love and lust mixed together. I felt like I could almost drown in them. "Fuck, I really love this woman." I thought; not just as my mother, but as my lover as well. I am the luckiest man in the world!

I wanted so much to go slow, to love her with every ounce of my being. I wanted to show her that I thought she was the sexiest, most wonderful woman in the world to me. I had the whole morning to savor the joining of our flesh.

I could feel her hungry pussy lips suck at my cock each time I pulled back. I marveled at the squishy, hot sensations that washed over it each time I sank back in. With each stroke Mom would push up against me with her own special corkscrewing motion that seemed to caress every inch of my manhood. Quickly we established a fuck rhythm that I wished could go on forever.

Never breaking eye contact, I leaned down and licked her nipple, causing her to arch her chest up for more. Once again I leaned down to lick the other nipple. Again she arched up at me. Back and forth I went, licking each hard nipple until they were both erect, begging for attention. Still our fucking motion continued. Then shifting down onto my elbows, I grabbed both breasts and squeezed, forcing the nipples up even harder. Lowering my face, I captured one in my mouth and sucked, hard.

"Oh, fuck, Gary! Yyyeeessss!" Mom groaned, as she squirmed beneath me. "Suck mommy's tits. That feels ssssoooo good. You are driving me wild, you wonderful motherfucker, you. Suck my hot titties and fuck my horny cunt. Don't ever stop. Fuck me!"

I switched to her other nipple. This time I lashed my tongue back and forth over the extended nipple. At the same time I squeezed both breasts hard, loving the way it caused Mom to cry out with lust. I could feel her mature twat sucking on my pounding cock as I pushed into her again and again. Still I held her gaze in mine.

Suddenly Mom reach around and grabbed my ass. Squeezing my cheeks, she began to pull me hard into her hairy mound. As she did she pushed up with her pelvis, fucking herself on my hard shaft. Our bellies slapped together.

Almost defiantly she urged me on. "Come on, Gary. Fuck mommy's pussy hard. Pound your motherfucking big cock up my fuck-loving twat." Still gazing deep into my eyes, she called out, "Feed me your hard, hot prick. Tame my slutty, son-loving pussy. What's the matter? Is your mother's cock-hungry hole too much for you?"

Her smut talk fueled my lust. Pushing up onto my arms again, I slammed my hot rod into her boiling cunt as hard as I could, crushing her clit against my pubic bone.

"Yyyyeeeessss!" she cried out. "Do it! Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me!"

Each time I slammed down into her, she pushed up to meet me. My bed groaned under the force of our fucking. The room echoed with the sound of our superheated bodies slapping against each other.

"Shit, Mom." I gasped out. "Your fuck-hungry pussy is eating me alive. I can't take it much longer. I going to cum."

"Me, too," she moaned as our bodies slapped together again. "Just don't stop. Mommy's almost there. Keep on fucking that gorgeous cock up my juicy twat. Fuck me and make me cum."

And then the dam burst. My cock recoiled like a rifle, as I shot a steady volley of sperm into my mother's open pussy. "Cccccuuuuummmmmiiinnnnggg." I cried as my hot white cream bathed the walls of her vagina.

The feel of my seed spraying into her, sent Mom over the edge. Her pussy walls collapsed around my throbbing shaft. "Ccccuuummmmiiiinnnnggggg." she cried, wrapping her arms and legs around me and pulling me deep into her flesh. "I can feel it. I can feel you filling my pussy with your wonderful, incestuous seed. Ooooooohhhhhh, yyyyeeeesssss!"

We lay, locked together like that, for several minutes. Slowly my tired cock shrank and slid from my mother's twat. As we gasped for air, a stream of cum began flowing from her well-fucked hole to soak into my bed sheets.

Mom sighed. "Wow. It just keeps getting better and better between us. I love you, Gary. I love fucking my hot, sexy son."

"I love you, too, Mom." I replied. "This is going to be a wonderful school year."

This all happened over four years ago. For the last four years Mom and I have fucked our brains out together while I went to school. Even when I went away to State University we found time to be together. I have since graduated from college with a business degree. And I have a job as evening shift manager in one of those all night department/grocery stores.

When I got the job Dad decided I needed to be out on my own. So he told me to get an apartment and move out. Mom and I were pretty bummed out at first, but not now. My apartment is near my work but across town from my parents. Working the late shift means I'm home during the middle of the day. After Dad leaves for work in the morning Mom drops by to see how I'm doing. Pretty nice, huh?

Well, I think I hear the shower running. Time to wrap this up and go see what my shower-mom is up to. Wish me luck.

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