During My Dad's Party

What Happened at the Party

My dad like to have jumped out of his shit kicking boots lol When everyone yelled “ Surprise ” Mom ran to him and they kissed just for a second. Me I stood there like the good daughter thinking shit you call that a fucking kisses.
Let me put my lips on his I will show them a kiss. I also noticed he doesn't hug her like he does me. I looked around the bar and it was packed most of the people were here for my dad’s party but there were some I had never seen before so I figured they were just checking the place out. I knew most of the people here, some work for dad; most were friends and even spotted 2 of my aunts from my mom side. No relatives on my dad’s side are with us anymore he is the last of his breed. I continued to scan the room till I seen uncle Rick. A life long dear friend of my dad's, I had called him uncle Rick since I can remember meeting him when younger and back then him and my dad were fishing and hunting buddies and they both loved the great outdoors. The one thing I just loved about uncle Rick was that he knew about my fun with daddy. My dad had told him all about us so I always enjoyed him being around plus he had covered for dad and I many times telling mom that he was taking john away for the weekend when really it was daddy and I going off for some fun.
I went over to the table where uncle Rick was sitting alone I gave him my usual kiss on the cheek and hug and sat down. Uncle Rick looked at me
" Well I see you got him here and on time " He went on " It's an wonder he just didn't stay at home and fuck such a pretty girl as you " I looked at him and said " I had thought about not bringing him tonight " Uncle Rick laughingly said " Girl your mom would have skinned you alive " He added
" So any trouble getting him here" I moved a little closer to uncle Rick kicked my high heels off as they were killing my feet lol and said " You don't know the half of it " and I leaned in and told Uncle Rick about dad's suit and my dress.
Dad finally made his way over to Uncle Rick and I, Dad had 2 beers and a margarita in the other. Dad handed Uncle Rick an bottle of beer and said " A beer for a true friend" dad sat the other beer down and said " A beer for me the birthday boy" and as daddy handed me the margarita he said " and this loaded drink for my little naughty girl who will be getting an spanking when I get her home " I took my drink from his hand and I gave daddy my sexy innocent look and said " MMmmmmmm spank me daddy"
Dad sat down across from uncle Rick and I and we all talked for a little bit when Mom came over and flopped herself on daddy's lap and said " Happy birthday to my loving husband " and this time mom kissed him deep and passionately on those same lips that had earlier been buried in my pussy. As she did I wondered. Could she taste my wet pussy on his lips or smell my hot sex over his face. Years ago I would have liked to rip her fuckin face off but I no longer have thoughts like that. As they drew their kiss on I took my foot and ran it up & down daddy's leg. Dad broke their kiss and hugged her making her head slide off his face so that she was looking behind him and daddy glared at me with those lovely eyes as I just smiled and rubbed my foot up and down. The house lights dimmed and the country band started to play and Mom wanted to dance but dad told her to let him have a few beers first but then uncle Rick told her he would dance with her. As mom and uncle Rick went over to dance I heard Daddy say softly " Thank you Rick" to say the least I was a little shocked about him saying that. Dad looked at me " As for you princess why didn't you tell me about this surprise party " I told him " Well mom wanted to throw it for ya and I thought you would like to see some old friends " Dad glared at me and said " Bull shit princess you went along cause you got me to yourself for a few hours" Then daddy licked his lips and said " I do so love how you think princess " daddy got up and came around and sat next to me putting his hands on my thigh and worked his hand down between my jeans and felt my pussy thru my jeans. His hand no sooner touched me there and I felt my pussy tingle and my jeans were already wet to begin with. I moved my hand down his thigh to rub his cock thru his jeans as we talked and flirted with each other. Mom and Uncle Rick returned to the table mom looked over at dad and I and said " I thought you were going to wear your suit and you were going to wear that new designers dress to go out for dinner "
Dad didn't say anything right away so I spoke up " I was all dressed up but dear ole dad came dressed in jeans cause he stopped at home to change before picking me up and I damn sure wasn’t going out for dinner dressed to the hilt and him looking like that"
Mom looked at dad and asked " So how was dinner " Dad didn't hesitant this time he said " It was one of the finest feasts I ever had and I owe it all to my darling little girl " tipping his beer to me and chugging it back. Mom looked back at me and with a smile said, " Yes my little girl sure knows what daddy likes " I just said " Ah you 2 are so simple to please "
Uncle Rick asked me to dance but I told him later but Mom spoke up " I will" and off they went again.
Dad got up also and looked down at me and said, " Well I have better make a round of the bar to say hello to everyone " but before he left he stuck out his hand toward me and said " Care to join me in my rounds princess"
I put my high heels back on and took him by the arm and we went from table to table saying our hellos and if dad liked them we would sit and have a drink or a shot. This went on for almost 3 hours so by the time we got back to our own table need less to say we both were an little tipsy well I was for sure but dad seemed ok. Dad asked mom to go dance so they went off to dance and some other woman came over and asked uncle Rick to dance. So there was the good little daughter all-alone once again. I sat there looking around the place just wondering why no one from dad’s or mom‘s work or for that matter any of the strange men in there didn’t come over to ask me to dance. They all danced about 3 songs, which left me at the table sipping my drink.
I seen mom and dad coming toward the table again and I saw mom stop and pull on my dad’s arm and he leaned over and she said something to him and they both looked my way and I saw dad just nod his head. Mom and dad came back and sat down when mom looked at me and asked, “ Are you having fun “ I gave a halfhearted smile “ Yeah I guess “
Dad spoke up “ Damn it’s fucking hot in here “ I think I am going to go get some air “ as dad got up mom said “ Michelle why don’t you go with dad and keep an eye on him I got him all hot out there dancing ” Dad turned toward me and said “ Come on princess help the old man outside “
As dad and I headed outside I saw uncle Rick return to the table.
Dad took me outside and we walked around to back and he kind of pressed me against the wall and our lips met in a deep passionate kiss. Dad’s tongue enters my mouth way before I even had time to get mine in his. Our tongues flicked and licked against each other’s as we kissed while kissing me dad was man handling my tittys thru my shirt he had my tits over top of my bra in no time and my hard nipples pressing against my shirt. I reached down and felt that lovely cock of his pressing tightly against his jeans. I just broke our kiss and squatted down till my face was level with the front of his jeans. I unzipped my dad’s jeans and fished his cock out with my hand.
Dad looked down at me and placed his hands on my shoulders to help steady me as I was in my high heels as daddy said “ Suck it princess take, daddy’s cock into your lovely mouth ”
I put my lips up to his cock and kissed around his dickhead before slowly taking it into my mouth. I slowly worked my head back and forth on his lovely hard cock. On the up stroke of my mouth I had my tongue running up his cock as my mouth pulled from his cock when my tongue hit up by his pee hole I flicked my tongue wildly across it then took my mouth slowly back down his luscious cock. I squatted there for about 5 minutes sucking on daddy’s dick during which dad was moaning and pumping his hips toward my working mouth. I felt dad’s hand go under my armpits and he lifted me up and his hands unsnapped my jeans and he pulled my jeans and my panties down to my ankles. He had me lean against the wall as he took one of my high heels off and got my jeans and panties free.
Dad spun me toward the wall and told me “ Up against the wall princess feet back and spread your legs ” So I put my 2 hands on the wall moved back a little sticking my ass into the air and I spread my legs as far as I could get them which was a little hard with one high heel on and one off but I did the best I could. I just stood there like that as an warm feeling came over my whole body from my dad telling me to do that and the fact that anyone could walk out here and catch us. Then I felt my dad kneel down behind me and both his hands went up on my butt cheeks which he forcibly pulled apart spreading my cheeks as I felt that lovely wet tongue of his run up my butt crack. Dad ran his tongue up and down my butt crack a few more times then he took his tongue and started to poke at my asshole with it. I just started pushing my butt back into his face making that tongue explore deeper into my butt. Mmmmm it felt so good as he tongued fucked my butt; he had me squirming on his tongue with my butt. Daddy kept his tongue playing with my butt while he took one of his other hands and played with my pussy. It wasn’t long that I felt an orgasm coming on. I felt daddy’s fingers moving wildly in and out of my pussy and his tongue drilling into my butt as my body shook with my orgasm. I moaned “ Oh daddy oh daddy ” as my orgasm filled my body.
Daddy rose up and I felt his cock enter my pussy from behind daddy buried it deep into my pussy one that first pump. The f***e and him both f***ed me up the wall a bit as I moaned both from the pure pleasure of his cock ramming into me and also it did kind of hurt. Daddy started to fuck me as I leaned against the building Mmmmm it felt so good his cock pounding into me from behind I kind of mumbled out “ Fuck me fuck me harder ” and that was just daddy did.
He started to fuck me faster to not as deeply as before but he was at top speed drilling his cock into my pussy from behind. Daddy got going a wee bit to fast and as he pulled his cock out a little to far this time when he rammed it forward that big hard cock of his plowed right into my butt I screamed “ DAD “ as his cock head f***ed it’s way up my butt. Dad leaned into me and f***ed me flat against the walls as he stopped pushing anymore of his cock up my butt. Daddy kissed and licked my ear pressed up against me and whispered “ I love you Michelle I love my darling little girl “
Daddy’s cock started to feel good in my butt well not real good but the best it could I guess and I told him “ fuck me up my butt but do it slow and easy ” Now I am not real big on having an cock up my butt especially daddy’s big hard one but around every birthday for the last few years I have given him my butt so I just tried to relax the best I could while he took me up my butt. I felt daddy’s hand come down to the front of my pussy where he rubbed my clit as he fucked my ass.
It did make it feel better and I told him “ Take my ass daddy fuck my butt “ when I said that I heard him moan “ Missy in my ear “ and I felt his cock start to unload in my butt as it jerked and throbbed filling my butt with his cum. Dad just pressed up against me kissing me on my neck as he cock slipped from my butt I felt his cum seeping out of my butt when his cock plopped out.
As daddy stepped back I went to also step back but my damn heel caught on something and I fell luckily it was right into dad’s arms but we both busted out laughing. Dad straightened me back up and that was when I noticed I had broken a heel off of my high heel shoe.
“ Damn it “ I said as dad tucked his cock away and I pulled my panties and jeans back on.
I told dad I was going to run to his truck as I had brought along another pair of shoes in case my high heels killed my feet. Dad and I had a quick kiss and some tongue action and I headed for his truck and he headed back into the bar. As I got into the parking lot I saw as always dad had parked as far away as he could. Damn it dad nobody is going to bang your truck up with their door and started to walk to the truck. As I was walking I saw another couple up against a car locked deep in a very passionate kiss and I thought Mmmmm she is going to get some to.
As I got closer I thought oh shit the couple out by the car just happened to be my mom and uncle Rick. My jaw about hit the parking lot I kind of went behind a van that was there and peeked out to see uncle Rick had his face buried down in my mom’s tits. Now my mom has some tittys hers are 40c and they always draw attention and it looked like uncle Rick was going to town on them. Uncle Rick pulled off her and opened the car door mom got in and uncle Rick went to the other side and got in. When they did that I figured now was my chance to make it to the truck so I hurried to it and got in. Now I had caught my mom a couple other times with a man other than dad but never told on her as was always afraid of what he would do. It entered my mind that maybe they were just kissing but then I looked at the car and could see that it was rocking pretty well. So it didn’t take a rocket scientist to know what they were doing.
I put my other shoes on and hurried back into the bar I went the long way around so I don’t think they saw anything or me. I also had to pee badly so I ran to the bathroom first thing. I sat there and began to flow my pee out. I just couldn’t believe what I had just saw now my mom and someone else I could deal with but with uncle Rick that’s my dad’s life long friend and pal and he was banging my mom his wife. Nothing but terrible thoughts entered my mind as I sat there.
Should I tell my dad, should I just not say anything? I almost started to cry thinking about what to do. I then realized I had been in the bathroom for some time and I got off the toilet and pulled my panties and jeans back up and headed out of the stall. Just then the bathroom door opened and in walks no other than my mom. Mom goes “ Oh there you are Missy “ I just look over at my mom and I ask her “ How could you Mom “ Mom gave me a dumb founded look and said “ What”
I got right in her face and said “ I saw you and uncle Rick out in the parking lot and I saw everything you did ” Mom gave me a worried look and I told her don’t worry I won’t tell dad what I saw cause I am afraid of just what he would do “ Mom held up her arms and said
“ Michelle come here ” I just said “ Fuck you Mom ‘ and ran out of the bathroom.
I returned to our table no one was there I looked over to see dad talking with Gary the owner and when dad saw me at the table his kind of raised his beer to me. I didn’t do anything back or nothing, as I was still pissed and stewing about mom. About that time mom came over and she leaned down and she said “ Michelle we will talk about this some other time “ Mom walked over to dad gave him an kiss with those lips that probably had been around uncle Rick’s cock and then whispered something into his ear. They kissed again fucking bitch I thought as I watched.
They broke the kiss dad turned to talk to Gary. Mom turned my way and she smiled and blew me a kiss and waved then walked away. I should have just flipped her off but I just shook my head and turned away from her.
Dad returned to the table a few minutes later and asked “ Is something wrong princess “ I just shook my head. My dad came over to me and he said, “ I am sorry Missy I really didn’t mean to take your ass the way I did “ I stopped him by placing my finger on his lips and I told him
“ Shhhh daddy I loved it so very much “ “ You don’t have to apologies for that “ Dad gave me a kiss on my forehead and said, “ I love you princess “ I asked dad “Where did mom go “
Dad said “ That mom had told her she has had a little to much to drink and that she was going to head for home “ Dad added “ I asked her if she wanted me to drive her home but she said Rick was ready to leave also and that he would drive her home. But your mom said for me to stay here and show you a good time. ” “ And that my princess is just what I am going to do.
Dad got up and held out his hand “ Come on baby they are playing our song “ dad took me out onto the dance floor and as the band played “ REMEMBER WHEN ” by Alan Jackson I cuddled into those lovely big arms of his and pressed my face on it’s side against that manly chest and we danced. And we danced.

Well won’t bore you with the rest of the night as we both closed up the bar went and got breakfast and just talked and some kissing as I was still a little pissed and upset at my mom. Dad the whole time still thought I was upset with him for taking me up my butt against the build but Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no way if he wanted it again right now all he would have to say is
“ Feet back and spread em princess ”

Yes my mom and I talked a few days ago and she dropped a bombshell on me but will get into that at another time.
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