My Dad's Wife

It was even better than I had imagined.
My parents separated when I was a baby and, for as long as I can remember, my dad has been with Lisa, now his wife. My s****r and I have always had a typical step-parent, step-c***d relationship with her - a few shouting matches and adolescent strops - but she loved us as though we were her own. I've always thought that Lisa is really good for my dad. She somehow manages to keep his temper at bay and I can tell he is very happy with her.

It wasn't until I was a teenager, full of hormones and angst, that I realised my dad was punching above his weight. He's quite a good-looking man, but his wife is absolutely stunning. I started to notice her curvy body when we were on a f****y holiday. It took all my adolescent strength not to stare at her large, tanned breasts when she sunbathed topless on the beach. What a lucky man my dad is, I had thought to myself.

I could tell Lisa and my dad had a good sex life from the way they talked and joked about it. They were still quite young and very much in love so I wouldn't expect anything less. From the dynamic of their relationship, I would have thought she would be the one to take charge in the bedroom, but I can also imagine my dad's f***eful side coming out in their love-making. I felt strange when I thought about them having sex, like I knew I should put it out of my mind but really didn't want to. From time to time I would masturbate thinking about my step-mom's boobs bouncing up and down as she rode my dad, and when I came, I would imagine them reaching a simultaneous orgasm, making mine all the more intense.

I lived with my mum but stayed at my dad's house from time to time. On one such occasion, when I was s*******n, I had decided to go to bed quite early as I had an interview for a part-time job in the morning. When I went upstairs towards the spare bedroom, Lisa emerged from the bathroom in a short, pink satin dressing gown which barely contained her generous endowment. She was the dictionary definition of a 'MILF'. I said goodnight as I brushed past her, subtly stealing a glance at her cleavage. Her freshly-washed, shoulder-length hair smelled wonderful, as she always did. I felt a twinge in my groin as I turned around just in time to see her bend down to pick up a dog toy, exposing to me her scrumptious, bare bottom and, although I may have imagined it, the slightest flash of her 'private parts'. I'm not sure if she had done it on purpose; she didn't look back, in any case. My erection started to grow as she walked away and I knew what I would have to do before I could get any sl**p.

A restless night ensued. My head was filled with thoughts of my step-mum's voluptuous body. Pictures of her firm rear and her perfectly-shaped mounds flashed through my mind with the effect evident under the sheets. I stirred from a semi-sl**p at around one o'clock when I heard noises coming from the next room. Once I had come to, I realised what was going on - my dad and Lisa were having sex. They weren't loud, but there was a steady creaking of the bed and a good deal of heavy breathing. I pulled down my cover and began to stroke my hardened member through my underwear in time to them. I tried to imagine them, what position they'd be in, but it wasn't enough. I desperately wanted to watch them.

Poking my head out of my door, I was delighted to find that their door had been left slightly ajar. It did strike me for a moment that this was a strange thing for them to have done, especially when they were obviously trying to be as quiet as they could, but I didn't think about it too much, eager to get a look. I snuck silently up the hall to just outside their room. The sound was much louder and clearer here and the bulge in my boxer grew when I heard a faint moan escape from Lisa's lips. I edged closer, peering though the narrow gap until I could see the bed. In the tightest of angles, I managed to get a great view of the couple in the act.

My dad was lying flat out on his back while Lisa squatted over his crotch, bouncing up and down. Immediately I was mesmerised by the motion of her tits as she rode her husband mercilessly. Her smooth body glistened with sweat and I watched as one drop glided down her breast, over her dark areola and onto the hard tip of her nipple. My hand began to absent-mindedly rub my aching cock and I continued to take in the extremely erotic sight in front of me. My dad bucked his hips in time with Lisa's movements, driving deeper into her and making her bite her lip. His head was thrown back and his eyes shut tight as he guided her hips with his hands. Lisa transfixed my eyes on her great globes once more when she began to squeeze them and push them together, never losing pace.

Her breathing quickened and I could tell my dad was bringing her to an orgasm. Glancing briefly upwards, I met her gaze and she held me frozen with her eyes. I was caught and I wanted to run back to my room, but I couldn't look away, and I don't think she wanted me to. Her eyes widened as the fucking became more intense and she licked her lips seductively before winking at me with a sultry smile. Her pelvis convulsed and she stared deep into my eyes, stifling her climax by biting her lip again. She rode it out, never breaking eye-contact and never letting up on my dad. He thrust deeply into his wife a few more times and let out a low grunt as his own orgasm hit. She gestured with her head for me to leave and turned to kiss my dad. I slunk away, without a sound, back to my room.

I came quickly and I came hard, holding the image of my step-mum's naked body rising and falling firmly in my mind. Why hadn't she been mad that I was watching?
Why did she look right at my as she came?
Had she left the door open on purpose?
Did she want me to see them fucking?
All these question swam around my head as I drifted off to sl**p, in utter disbelief at what had just come to pass.
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