Supprised by my Boss's 19year old son

This past weekend I was invited to a party at my Boss's home which was odd because he never throws parties so I decided to go the invite said it was a costume party so I had to find myself a costume I found a costume of a Female Devil but it was so thight that I wasnt able to wear any panties and or a Bra it came up just above my knees and had a tail on it and a heard piece with horns on it so I did my make up and went to my Boss's house when I arrived the party was underway there must have been at least 30 to 40 people there dressed up like myself but after bieng there for a while I didnt see my boss or reckognise any one else there either so I kept to my self for a while longer just as I was ready to leave a man approached me and asked if I was enjoying myself and I said yes he said good Im glad you are here at my home when he said this I didnt know what to say or think was he my boss dressed up so no one would recognize him who knows.

He then asked me if I would like a drink and I said yes please and he went to bring me one back and as we were drinking he was chatting about his house and how many room were in it and asked if i would like a tour not thinking I said sure would love to so he took me up stairs and showed me aroundthrough all of the bedrooms and bath rooms and then we wealked back down stairs to the main floor and we got a few more drinks and he said ready for the rest of the tour I said ok so we walked through th first floor rooms kitchen dining room and garage areas talking about how big the rooms were and such we returned back to the party and he got me another drink as i was drinking it it was a little stronger and tasted different than the last ones did as I drank he then said I have 1 more room I want to show you and enjoy with you so he took me by my hand and we walked into the Kitchen to a cabinet door that looked like a pantry he opened it up and to my suprise it was an elevator and he pulled me in with him as I was pulled I lost my balance alittle and stumbled onto himand he grabbed me to keep me from falling but he was holding me by my titts which were getting hard I guess from the booze and his touch and as I pulled myself back up my hand accidentially grabbed his crotch and could tell he had a slight hard on when I stood up he pulled me close and started kissing me and fondling my tits through my outfit and I was rubbing his crotch stroking his boner through his costume before I knew it we were in the basement which was a large game room with a pool table and dart boards and pin ball machines we walked through the game room to a dorr at the very end of the room and he unlocked it and we entered it.
he started kissing me again and rubbing his hands on my titts again and one of his hands drifted under my skirt and he began rubbing my clit and sticking a couple of fingers in and finger fucked my now wett pussy I was turned on and getting hotter than ever as he was licking my neck and pulling my tits out to suck on my nipples I looked around the room and noticed it was a sex room it had all k**s of thing to play with like a sex swing and toys to restraints he quickly undressed and pulled my outfit off over my hipps I could see his ragging hard on he must have been at least ten inches and wide as my wrist I started dtroking his cock and he had me lie down on a wide padded bench as idid he got between my leggs and began licking my swollen clit and my pussy making me super wett and I began moaning when he stuck three of his fingers into me and started pumping while he was licking me I wanted to take his mask off but he said no not now so I started playing with my tits and pulling and pinching my nipples while he ate and fingered me I was in heaven .
after a few minutes of this he raised his head up and saw my nipples were hard and he grabbed a couple of nipple clamps and put one on each of my nipples and locked them down so my nipples couldnt get free and attached the chain through thr ring in the celing beam and down to the other clamp and locked also then he came around behind my head and stuck his cock in my willing mouth and I started sucking it and stroking it getting it good and wett I could hear him say good baby get it sloppy wett for me thats it and I slid my head off the bench and I let him deepthroat me as far as I could and he loved this he started pumping faster and deeper in my mouth while I was sucking him he grabbed the chains to my tits and pulled them back towards my stomach strching my nipples making me moan while he was in my mouth after a while he pulled out and took my hands and feet and tied them seperately but together making me spread eagle almost but completly exposed and then slid himself between my leggs and started rubbing his cock up and down my pussy and clit asking me to beg him to put it in he wanted me to beg loudly as horny as I was I did as he asked I screamed to him to put it in me and pound me good so he ok I will and in he went all the way and started pumping his cock in and out picking up speed as he went and all I could do was moan and enjoy the onslaught he was doing to my pussy as he fucked me he started pulling on the chain that was tied to my nipples and I moaned loudly he ask you like that dont you baby I panted yes please more he said are you sure yes was all I could manage he then said ok let me take my mask off as he did I became shocked when I saw who was under the mask it was Robbie Mikes 19year old son he was pounding away and all I could do was scream from enjoyment.
after what seemed like forever he untied my hands and feet an told me to sit up as I did his cock was right in my face so instinktively I took him back in my mouth and sucked him some more and he then pulled out told me to get on my hand and knees when I did I noticed the bench was moved and the chains on my tits were pulling them up toward my face and the chains ranover my shoulders he slid in behind me and inserted his cock and started fucking my very wett cunt so hard I heard our skin slapping I srared pushing against his pushing and we were both grunting like pigs in heat I loved it the he pulled all the way out and slipped back in he did this a few times I moaned each time till finnally he pulled out before I knew it he slid it back in my ass and started pumping away like a man possesed I was loving how he felt and how good he was at fucking like a pro it felt so good that after a few minutes he grabbed my tit chains and pulled them like horse raines and started fucking my ass harder and harder and deeper I must have orgasmed at least 4 times from his assult on my ass and 5 from just fucking alone he was grunting and moaning till he screamed he was cumming and I could feel his cum shoot deep in my ass it was so hott thats when we finished we started talking Robbie said his parents were out of town and he wanted to party plus he wanted to get with me cause he said every time he was in the office he liked what he saw and said I was a Hoot Bbw he just had to have me and thats why the invitation seemed like it was from his dad I said you were pretty clever k** and asked if he wanted to do it again sometime and he said sure he love to maybe next time we could try the swing all I could do was laugh and said maybe.
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