Violated by My Dad's b*****r

This story took place the summer that I turned 18. I had been a cheerleader for the last three years of high school. My body was toned and I always would lay out in my tiny bikini and tan. I have blonde hair and emerald green eyes. My 34b breasts are very perky and my nipples have a mind of their own, getting hard for no apparent reason. The girls on my cheerleading squad nicknamed me RT. I think that my best attribute is my firm little behind. It has a nice little wiggle to it as I walk and it gets a lot of attention from the opposite sex.

My parents had to go to Japan for my dad’s work and would be gone for the summer. I told them that I would be fine to stay at home, but they insisted that I go stay with my dad’s b*****r and his wife so I would stay out of trouble. I didn’t like the idea because I didn’t like my aunt. She was bossy and pouted if she didn’t get her way. My uncle was 10 years younger than my dad and in fairly good shape. I hadn’t been around him much, but my dad said that he was very easy going.

They had a nice house out in the woods and to my delight they had a pool. I figured if nothing else I could work on my tan. My aunt took me to the room that I would be staying in and told me that it was my responsibility to keep it clean. She was starting already. What a bitch I thought to myself. I got settled in and went out by the pool. The nearest neighbor was about 200 yards away. I figured when I was alone that I could lie out and tan in the nude. My nipples hardened and pressed uncomfortably against the cups of my bra.

I heard a car pull up and someone come in the front door. My uncle came out to the pool. I notice him look up and down my body and a smile form on his lips. He said I guess that you are ours for the summer. I felt uncomfortable standing in front of him. It was like he was undressing me with his eyes. He said it’s hot out you should take a dip in the pool. I thought to myself, he just wants to see me in my little bikini. My nipples were aching and I could feel the bl**d rushing to my pussy. I told him maybe later and went back to my room.

Why was my body reacting this way, he was my uncle for God’s sake. I decided to change into a pair of shorts and cooler top. I took of my jeans and my panties were soaking wet. I pulled them off and opened my suit case. There on top was my bikini. I thought that the pool sounded pretty good now. I put on the bottoms and pulled off my top and removed my bra. I walked over in front of the mirror and shook my little titties. I thought if this is what he wants to see this is what he will get. I put on my top and wrapped a towel around me and headed towards the pool.

I went to feel the water and heard a car door shut and a car pull away. I figured that it was probably my uncle leaving again. I dropped my towel and dove into the water. When I turned around my uncle was standing by the pool. He said see I told you it would feel good. He turned and went back into the house. I swam around and then decided to jump of the diving board. I got out, climbed the ladder and dove in head first. He came out in his bathing suit. He looked hot, his muscles were hard and he had a nice six pack stomach. My nipples grew hard again and I could feel a familiar tingle between my legs. I pulled myself up and out of the pool. I hadn’t noticed that the top of my suit was no longer covering my tits. He looked at me and smiled. I looked down and I could feel my face turn bright red. He said that’s alright its not like I haven’t seen them before. I couldn’t figure out what he meant. I jumped back in the pool and made sure that I was covered. He jumped in and swam up to me. He splashed water in my face and I splashed him back. He dunked me and I could see a big bulge in his trunks. I tried to swim away and he grabbed the bottom of my suit. It slid over my round little behind and almost all the way to my knees. I got it pulled back up, but I was sure that he had gotten a good look at my butt.

I swam to the side and grabbed my towel and went into my room. Was it an accident that he pulled my suit down or did he deliberately do it? How could my dad’s b*****r do that to me? I didn’t know what to think. I took of my top and had just slid my bottoms off when the door to my room opened. There stood my uncle. I grabbed the towel and held it in front of me. He told me again that he had already seen me. He walked over and grabbed a teddy bear and told me that it was a camera that down loaded onto his computer and that he had watched me change into my swimming suit. I told him he was lying. He said oh yah, do you always shake your little tits while you look in the mirror. Oh God I thought to myself he had seen me.

He walked over to me and pulled the towel out of my hands. I tried to cover myself but he grabbed my arms and pushed me back onto the bed. He spread my legs and was staring at my smooth shaved pussy. He smiled and said this is going to taste good. I tried to get away from him, but he had hold of my thighs. I said what about my aunt? He just smiled and said that she was going to be gone for hours. I felt his hot tongue part the lips of my pussy. I tried again to get away. He started to suck on my little clit and I gave in to his advances. It felt like electricity shooting though my body. My hands went for my tits and I grabbed my nipples and pulled on them. He looked up and said looks like someone is enjoying this. I had never had anyone go down and do this to me before. The feeling was incredible. I was no longer in control of my body. My hips were grinding into his face. He put his hands under my ass and lifted it off of the bed. His tongue entered my tight little hole and I slid into the most powerful orgasm that I had ever had. Every muscle in my body was jerking, I couldn’t breath. I would just about stop and he would flick his tongue on my clit and send me back to another yet weaker orgasm. He finally stopped and I heard him pull off his trunks.

He pulled me up and set me on the edge of the bed. His cock was pointed right at my face. He said it’s your turn now. I knew how to do this. I had done it many times to please the boys that I had dated so that I didn’t have to have sex with them. I took it in my hands and slid my lips over the head and slid it in and out of my mouth. I twisted my hand as it went up and down his shaft. I looked up and he seemed to be pleased with what I was doing. He said enough of this I have to have some of that tight young pussy of yours. I was scared now. I thought that I would be able to get him off and that he would stop like the boys I had been with.

He was determined. He pushed me onto my back again. I tried keeping my legs together but to no avail. He grabbed my thighs and spread me out wide. I felt the head of his cock probe the entrance to my pussy. I leaned up and watch it spread my lips and disappear inside me. He pulled out a little and then slid all the way in me. I could feel the head sliding against the walls of my tight wet tunnel. He groaned and started pumping in and out of me. I knew that this was not right. I was fucking my uncle. I wanted him to stop or did I. I started raising my hips up off of the bed to meet his intruding cock. It felt wonderful. It wasn’t like the young boys that had fucked me. He knew what he was doing. He was hitting all of the right places. It wasn’t long before I came again. He looked pleased that he had been able to get me off again. He started pumping hard and I felt his cock swell and then he pulled out and shot his hot cum on my tummy. There was so much. He slid his cock through the sticky mess and then lifted me up and told me to clean his cock off. I sucked it into my mouth. It was salty but tasted good.

He pulled away, smiled and said this is going to be a good summer. I then knew that this was not going to be the last time that he was going to take what he wanted from me.
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