My first time

My name is Thomas and I want to tell you the story of my first time. Though it was over 15 years ago, I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was 19 and still a virgin. It was something frustrating which I didn’t like at all. All of my friends had girlfriends and had already their first sexual experiences.
Then came this day in spring, just 3 weeks after my 19th birthday when Carmella bought the neighbor’s house. Our neighbor had died six months ago. He was an old friendly man who sometimes gave me some extra money. I really liked him. Carmella was a divorced Latina woman and started a new job in the library. From the first moment, I was attracted to her and I didn’t know why. She could have been my mother, but she looked young and fresh, though she was 41. First, I often looked through my room’s window when she walked by. She was a beautiful woman with the typical attractive curves of a Latina American woman: wide hips, round ass, tanned body, black hair, beautiful Spanish eyes and large tits.
Her son Marco and I became friends. He was 18. It was logical that both of us were now often guests in each other houses. For me it also had the advantage to see Carmella more often. She was a woman with a fantastic appearance, sexy and charming. I was confused and asked myself: why do you feel attracted by a 41-old woman? That’s stupid, I thought to myself.

This would have been no problem, but then Marco had a terrible accident in winter. A car crashed into Marco’s one and my friend was brought to hospital with serious injuries where he had to stay for 2 months. Carmella had a nervous breakdown and for me it was a duty to care about her whenever it was possible. Her second son Tino was too young, he attended an elementary school and wasn’t a real help.
So things went their way. We soon got closer and closer. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and became a slave to her. One evening, Tino was already sleeping; I helped her in the kitchen. When I saw her standing there with her tight jeans, I couldn’t hold back. Her butt seemed to be made by God, it looked so sexy. All of my blood seemed to rush into my veins and made my cock almost jumping out of my jeans. My eyes got stuck on her perfectly shaped curves. I didn’t know what happened to me, but I couldn’t control my hands anymore. Carefully I caressed her neck. She enjoyed it and it didn’t take long and we kissed each other. Her lips were warm and smooth. She didn’t even resist or protest.
“I want you Rob, you are so young and nice”, she said.
Without saying a word, she led me to the bedroom. Then she began to undress me. I was so excited, I cannot describe it. I was like wax in her hands. My cock was hard like a rock when it jumped out of my jeans. I felt ashamed and shivered when I stood naked in front of her with a sticky erection. My cock has always had just an average size, but Carmella seemed to like him, because she couldn’t take her eyes off it.
“Don’t be afraid”, she whispered.
She knew that this was my first time. Very gently she caressed and rubbed it with both hands, it was hard for me not to explode too early. With some rhythmical movements of her hands she made me moan with pleasure. Though it was more than 15 years ago, I still feel her hands rubbing my friend.
“Relax”, she said, but this was easier said than done.
Then she stopped and began to undress herself. Her body was more beautiful than I had expected. Her big round ass and her full tits were a temptation I couldn’t resist. She had an ass like a goddess. Nobody would have ever thought she was 41. She laid herself on the bed and dragged me down. Carefully I slid on her body and she spread her legs. She took my cock into her hand and led it to her cunt. Just a small move forward and I could feel something wet and hot.
My whole body was on fire, she started moving her athletic thighs and I felt my cock sliding deeper in this greedy hot abyss. I was on my verge! I still was very unsure and nervous. Then I felt her strong hot hands explored and caressed my ass. This gave me another stimulating urge. I could feel my heart beating like a drum and began to push. In the meantime she had wrapped her hands around my ass in order to help me with my first fucking efforts. I felt relaxed and happy. It was fantastic. Carmella moaned out loud and I was afraid that her son could hear us. With each stroke my self-confidence grew. I was sure that she was not far away from an orgasm and so was I! I sped up gradually. Suddenly her body had spasms all over, she cried out loud and she reached her orgasm. Unfortunately I couldn’t enjoy watching her orgasm because just a few seconds later, I had a mighty explosion and flooded her pussy with my cum. This was such a sizzling situation that I shivered from head to toe. I felt so shamed! She gave me only a few seconds then she turned around.
“Fuck me”, she demanded and I watched her athletic brown ass and my cock grew again immediately and was ready for another shot.
I had never seen such a beautiful ass. Though it was quite big, it had a perfect shape and round like an apple. I was totally excited as my hands explored this masterpiece. It felt warm and smooth like silk. My hands moved automatically, caressing that lovely brown treasure! I really didn’t notice that my hand almost vanished in her ass. It was amazing. I was so enthusiastic that I didn’t take care of my cock as it touched Carmella’s ass. She didn’t bother and with a quick move she squeezed her hips against me and I could feel how my cock sank into her ass with a smacking sound!
Carmella reacted with a delighted sigh and I was still surprised about this fantastic feeling. An intensive heat flew from her body into my cock! It was overwhelming, much better than I had ever expected. I took her ass and pressed them against my sticky cock. Carmella was screaming with pleasure. Then I started to push. I had the feeling that I couldn’t control my powerful strokes. With my cock deep into her and her round 43 inch ass in my hands I felt like a young god! I was riding this mature and fantastic woman. Her body started to jerk for some seconds as she reached another orgasm. This time it took me longer, but then I came again and my cum sputtered into her body. After I pulled out my cock, it hurt, but I was really empty and I felt totally satisfied.
This was my first time and it was an unforgettable night! However the story is not over. A few weeks later, I had my first “real” girlfriend. Caroline was a nice beautiful blond girl, but sex with her was quite boring in comparison with Carmella.
Two years later, after Christmas, Marco and his brother visited their grandparents and Carmella was alone in the house. Like a magnet I was attracted to her house and after she opened me, things went their way. No sooner had I entered the house as we were soon lying naked on the floor and fucked like wild animals. We both wanted it so much, that there was no holding back. I rammed my cock into her wet pussy like a mad rabbit! Then she turned around and presented her unbelievable ass. I realized that her ass was a bit bigger than 2 years before but for me her ass was even more attractive. I was so horny that I pushed with all I had. Our bodies shuddered on the floor until we came. I couldn’t get enough and fucked her several times. My cum flew into her body like a wild river. This was definitely the fuck of my life.
Carmella told me that this night was the greatest pleasure in her life. During the next years we couldn’t take our hands off each other. Once or twice a year, when their sons weren’t at home, we fucked each other for hours. To be honest, I was looking forward to these meetings! If only I hadn’t moved to another city after my marriage 5 years later, we would have continued the whole story. So, her sons and me are still good friends and though she is now 56, she is still the hottest woman and I’m still fantasizing about fucking her ass.
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