Night of Horror Rape

Brenda went home from her work that night. She usually worked till 5 pm, but now she overworked to finish some of her stuff. Brenda at her early thirties still look gorgeous with her blonde hair and big breast and his 5″ 9′ figures. She realized that or it seemed so, but no matter how she just put it away.

Now it was 19:30 night and the road was deserted, chill ran through her and she wished there was a cab drove around and pick her home. At the corner of the street three gang members called “The Rampage” drove in a van slowly to go to their lair at the downtown. But this night there was something different. They saw Brenda walked slowly, all alone, inviting. Jock, the oldest of the gang member about 21 years old spotted her and turned to his friends.

“It looks that wemight have some fun tonight.”

“Yeah,” said Brad, knew what was going to be. He tapped Tolar’s shoulders and he nodded to Brenda’s direction. The van approached her slowly and Tolar opened the window,

“Going somewhere, Mam?” he asked grinned.

Brenda soon realized that they were people that she the last wanted to meet that night. She just shook her head said, no. But suddenly the van stopped and two of them came out and dragged her into. Brenda tried to scream but Brad shutted her mouth with his hand and Jock rushed the car toward their lair, a deserted warehouse 3 miles off the city.

Brend was panic and struggle but the two teenagers held her tightly. Oh no, this was not going to happen. She tried to push away the thought that most dreaded her. She couldn’t think of it. Now the word ‘rape’ was not crossing her tough, she just wondered where she might be taken to. But still she struggled and kicked. One of the boys put out a rope and tied her and shove her mouth with her handkerchief he found in her wallet.

There he pulled out an ID card, showing her name Brenda Scott, age 32, job an operational manager at a doll company. Tolar tough that this was going to be something. Jock brought the car to their lair and honked the horn. The front gate opened and he yelled at the rest of the member.

“Boys, you’re not goanna to believe what I’ve got this night, come look at the van.”

Brenda felt the terrifying shocked rammed into her heart, so there were other boys. There were about 15 teenagers at the warehouse and they looked inside the car, there they found Brenda, lying on the floor, with wide eyes looking to the window. What are they going to do to me? Four of them opened the backdoor and dragged her outside, Brenda swayed her hand and squealed but they grabbed her hand tightly and lifted her on a madras on the floor. She looked really beautiful in the room, because there were three 25 watts lamps lighted the place. Her blonde hair shinned the illuminated lamps lights and her white skin was so smooth that one of them touched it, the touch brought her chill. She screamed but her voice never came out because of the handkerchief planted in her mouth but at least she kicked one of them.

Jock yelled, “Bring the rope here, she is wild!”

Now the tough came to her that she was to be raped. She almost fainted but she still woke, her mind raced quickly though she could think of nothing. She saw three of them mostly thirteen years old, young enough to be her sons. No, this wasn’t going to happen she screamed in her mind. She again kicked and scratched. And then one of them pull out the handkerchief out of her mouth, then Brenda let out her scream. But there was no use, they were miles away from town and nobody heard her. Her scream turned out turned them on. The boys realized it nevertheless Brenda now couldn’t do anything but screamed and kicked.

As the hysterical faded away Brenda begged,

“Please, please don’t…. don’t do this. I can’t afford this….. there …. my money….take them all.”

But the kids just ignored it they were mouth opened some of them never before saw a young woman about to be raped. And then some of them tied her arms up and her leg wide. Brenda just sobbed and became hysterical again she screamed out of her lungs.

“Noooooo,noooooo please….. don’t do this…..”

After that, Brenda sprayed widely on the madras, the boys wondered how they could put off her clothes if her arms and legs were tied. But they just didn’t want to get bothered with that. Tolar put out his knife. Seeing this Brenda was really terrified that he was going to kill but instead Tolar sliced her blouse and tore it apart. The terrified soon replaced by the humiliation again, she now recalled that she was about to be gang raped by eighteen gang members. Her put off blouse uncovered her nicely breast, and the boys didn’t want to wait any longer, soon one of them pulled out her bra showing her nipples, they were jiggling as she moved and forced. Her nipples waved synchronized her breathing. They were up and down and wildly shaked.

Lomax, the youngest, couldn’t help it, he caress her tits and it felt like a knife stuck at her heart. She tried to avoid his hands but she was tied up tightly and Lomax small hands landed nicely on them.

Again she cried “No….. please,” and it stimulated Lomax and he squeezed them strongly,

“Oooohhhhhhh,” Brenda cried again.

Now they were going to her trousers. Brad released the belt and unbuttoned it and pulled the zip, revealing her pink panties. Brenda tried to prevent it by moving her ass right to left, but her widely tied legs limited her move. The zip was pulled soon and he pulled down her trousers. It was impossible to release the trouser over her tied legs, so Brad used Tolar’s knife to tore it while one of them grabbed her pants revealing her naked crotch.

“Noooooo….. nooooooo,” Brenda screamed tried to cover it,

somehow in her mind she thought that her scream could cover her cunt but when one of them touched it, Brenda, again, wiggled her ass up and down to avoid it and likewise, it was useless. The boy went further positioning his finger deep into her dry cunt.

“Ooooh…. oh… oohhh,” Brenda squeaked as he played his fingers into it.

Then the “opening ceremony” was over, now Brenda laid naked, widely, tied up, tightly on a madras waiting for the “next phase.” Brenda, too, realized that the “next phase” was going to happen, she could only beg again,

“Please boys, …… pll…lease don’t. Have mercy,…. please.”

“Lomax,” Jock shouted, “you want to go first?”

“Surely, Jockie,”

Lomax, a thirteen years old boy, came out and approached Brenda. Looking for the thirteen years old boy apprehended her, Brenda was so shocked and terrified. Lomax then stopped, and turned to the other.

“Hell, guys. I want to have a good fuck, but shouldn’t we give her a shave?”

They all laughed and Jock searched the drawer and tossed away a razor,

“Here do it yourself.”

Lomax opened the razor and began to shave as Brenda again wiggled and jiggled. And some members help him by holding her hips tightly so Lomax can shave it. Slowly Lomax shave her pussy cleaned, Brenda then naked on the floor now fully naked on the floor. Her pussy shined by the lamp light.

Lomax pulled down his trousers and pulled out his stiff penis. He approached her, his penis head touched her cunt. It felt like an electric shock run through her.

“Noo…. no…. please…. don’t,” Brenda begged.

And then she felt his stiff penis entered her.

“Come on Lady,” Lomax grinned, “It isn’t goanna hurt you.”

“Noooo…. ohhh.. oooohhhhh…. ohhhhh. ohhhhh,”

Brenda cried ‘Oh’ every time his penis moved upward. It didn’t hurt her, because Lomax’ was only six inches, but feeling a thirteen years old penis inside her body was more than unbearable for her. She squeezed her cunt tried to prevent it moved deeper, she even contract her tied legs to Lomax hips to prevent it. But it brought more pleasure to the boy.

“Ooooh yess… yes….yesss….” Lomax sighed every time Brenda squeezed her cunt.

“Yess…” he kept saying this, because Brenda kept squeezing it. Brenda knew that every time she squeezed it, it gave more stimulation to the boy but she could do nothing to fight but squeezed. Now they seem like to work together, Brenda cried ‘Oh’ every time Lomax pushed his penis the way up and he grunted ‘Yes’ every time she squeezed it.

“Ooohhh…nooooo…ohhh…ohhh”/”Yess.. yesss aaah… yesss”. The other teenagers watched the rape scene eagerly.

Then after ten minutes of “Ooooh” and “Yess” rhythm, finally Lomax was about to came out. He moved it deeper so deep that all his six inches penis disappear inside her cunt, and his genital bone touched her. And his hands rammed her nipples hard. Feeling this Brenda fought but unconsciously squeezed her cunt real tight that it seemed help him reaching his orgasm.

Brenda felt the warm liquid shot through her vagina and cried,

“Nooooooo…” shaking her head not of the pain but out of the humiliation that she gave pleasure to a her thirteen years old rapist.

And now she felt the stiff penis loosed its hardness inside her and somehow Lomax held her tenderly, kissed her cheek, and whispered to her ear, “Thank, Brenda”. And she sobbed closing her eyes, unable to think of the rape, this was her first rape.

Second, Lomax was replaced by another boy. Brenda again struggled not realizing that they would take a turn on her. She just never tought of it. He came only in five minutes and soon replaced by the other and the other and the other. Finally Brenda stopped struggling, she laid back passively not squeezing her cunt, not squeezing her legs just laid, just sobbing. She just thought that this was going to be the last rape that she had, but of course they all would take their turns, from thirteen years old to 21 years old, all boys and teenagers. She almost forgot the she was gang raped, she tried to think something else and tried focused all her attention to the lamps hang over the room.

After several rapes, Jock took his turn. His cock was the longest and the widest among them. It was about 12 inches, nearly one foot. He put it deeply inside her. Now the pain finally came. Brenda again repeating her cried, but now the pain controlled it more than the humiliation.

“Argh……eiiiieee arghhh,” she screamed as each stroke came to her wetly hotly cunt.

Jock never pushed deeply through her cunt but only 8 inches deep, but he pushed so fast like a piston that made her arghhhh so often, short, and frequently. Fifteen minutes, might be the longest one, Jock finally had his orgasm, and pushed his cock all of it that made it completely disappear.

“Arrghhhhh!!!!!!!….ahh….ah….ah…” Brenda cried out of her lungs and slowed, again, feeling the hard cock weakened inside her. Now she cried out of her pain and recalled all the situations, the rape that took place in this mess warehouse.

She became hysterical again and cried uncontrollably. The next one didn’t rape her immediately, he just waited and touched all over her body waiting her to calm down first, and massaged her cunt as if to ease the pain. Unshamelessly Brenda sigh and widen her legs as possible to be massaged. She still looked up to the roof while the boy massaged her. After her sobbing became slow and low, he raped her.

Finally all the boys had their turn. Brenda now waiting to be released, but Lomax the first one became hard again and he took his turn again.

Brenda cried and became hysterical again,

“No! You already had it, let me go! Please… please…. no…no..”

But Lomax kissed her on her mouth and shut her up. She didn’t tried to fight it, she even didn’t move her ass. She gave up fighting, and laid back and tried to calm. Lomax again with his “orgasm” style hold her tight and kissed her, now on her mouth and forehead.

Then all of them again took their turn in the slippery wet cunt. Most of them raped her twice, Jock even had four rapes, none of them raped her only once. Lomax raped her three times and the latest.

But now, after having his orgasm, he didn’t immediately pulled out his penis, he just laid over her body while the other gang members put on their cloth and start smoking and drinking. Lomax just laid over her body and tried to rest, his eyes only met her chin, after all Brenda 5″ 9′ and he was just 5″ 6′. He rubbed her body slowly from her back, belly, breast and ribs and even suck one of her nipples. After only ten or 15 minutes Lomax felt hard again but he just laid there, not moving. Now somehow Brenda felt excited, may be Lomax remained to her oldest son that lived with her former husband. And her full load of teenagers sperm cunt began to squeeze, and squeeze in rhythm and she again she felt his warm load squirt inside her. Lomax gave her long kiss in her mouth, she took it and then he rose and put his cloth.

Now it was nearly 5 am in the morning, she was raped more then 8 hours. Jock, Tolar and Brad summoned her to the van, naked because her clothes were all torn up by Tolar’s knife and put her in the back of the van. And drove her even further from the town. In the back, Brad raped her, Brenda, completely exhausted and too tired to fight back laid passively while her 18 years old rapist fucked her for the last time.

Finally they arrived to another deserted house and dropped her in front of it. She laid on the street and tried to get up when she heard a noise from the lonely house. There came out five homeless middle aged men. Seeing the naked Brenda, they all smiled and brought her to the house and raped her again in the bedroom.

But now at least she got a bed. Too tired and too exhausted, Brenda didn’t feel the humiliation and the rape that took place. She slept during the rape while they took advantage of her body. They raped her in her cunt, asshole and even her mouth, but she slept quietly.

After they had all their turn they left the house. Brenda woke up at eleven and found her self naked in a deserted house. She tried to look out of the window and waited. Several minutes when she saw a post car passed she waved. Seeing a naked woman the postman stopped and took her to the nearest police station.

The gang never got caught, neither the five buglers. But Brenda moved to New York, three thousand miles away and worked there. And every night she went to a single bar looking for the youngest man over there and slept with him till morning. Somehow, she still couldn’t erase the memory how the gang and especially Lomax raped her that night.
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