Becoming My Mother's Lover

About a year ago, a single event changed my f****y forever. My Dad declared to my mother that he had met another woman that he was leaving. It tore our f****y apart and under the circumstances, my s****r and I had to stand by our mother. Ultimately, my dad was out of our lives forever.

One good thing that came from it was that it brought my mum and I much closer together. My s****r Clair was supportive of her, but she had her own f****y to look after. Mum was clearly in need of a friend, and I was more than happy to 'be there' for her. I'd never before been very open with my mother, but at 31 I was able to connect with her on a deeper level.

I was single at the time, and I made an effort to spend a lot of my free time with her. We started having dinner together two or three nights a week, talking about life, love and all kinds of things that we'd never discussed before. In a short time, we grew very close. Throughout my life, I had always maintained close, comfortable and open friendships with various women in my life, but I never expected to find that in my mother.

As we grew more comfortable with each other, we began sharing a bottle or two of red wine with every meal, which helped us open up even more. I'd never really been one for saying "I love you" to my mum but it became a regular exchange between us, often while hugging each other goodnight.

Now, I'm no saint. I can't say that I'd never once thought about my mum in a sexual way. As a horny teenager I fantasised about fucking literally every female I met! Teachers, school friends, my friend's mums and s****rs, my cousins, aunties, neighbours... it was inevitable that at some point (probably at around 14) I'd bring my s****r and my mum into the mix.

It was always a massive turn-on to imagine fucking Clair or mum, but I always felt that weird regret afterwards. I was turned on purely by the devious nature of the fantasy, not by the possibility of actually fucking them.

Back then, my s****r was older and far too cool for her geeky b*****r, and she was in a relationship so the thought of having a crack at her never entered my mind. I kept a pair of her dirty panties under my sock drawer so I could taste and smell her vagina anytime I wanted, and that was more than enough for me.

Mum was off limits mainly because the thought of my dad finding out was terrifying, but also because I didn't have the balls to make a move! I became turned on by the secret fantasy of fucking a made-up version of her, rather than being turned on by my actual mother. Like Clair, I made use of my mum's panties for many years and thinking about her made me orgasm harder than anything.

Anyway, by my late 20's my mum and s****r made only rare appearances in my fantasies. And even once my dad was out of the picture I still felt no desire to take the opportunity to fuck my newly single mother, at first.

Over time, life started returning back normal. We could only manage a catch-up once or twice a fortnight, although we did maintain our closeness and still used alcohol to ensure a flowing conversation. Strangely, anytime a third party was present mum and I acted like we weren't that close at all, like we we're hiding something. And to be honest, I didn't really want anyone to know that mum and I had developed an emotional connection, so it was fine with me!

But it was clear that we had become very close, and we both knew it. We became completely comfortable with each other, and while still respecting the obvious 'boundaries' we often said things that probably shouldn't be said between mother and son, like "I don't think I'm ever going to get laid again!" and "You're a MILF - you won't have any trouble finding a man!". Explaining to her what MILF was probably came out a bit strong, but she took it well!

And so, soon I once again found myself fantasising about my mum. For weeks, almost every time I jerked off I thought about her. At first it was for dirty and exciting thrills, but eventually it became something more. I started to borrow her dirty panties again, despite now being older and much more weary of being caught. Her familiar smell and the thought of us physically sharing our love for each other made me blow hard every time. I was still able to enjoy our time together, but after a few drinks I always found myself wanting to stop talking and start fucking! I still didn't have the balls to act on it though, and unless she made it very clear that she wanted it - I had no intentions of moving in.

In November last year (2011) mum had a big party for her 55th Birthday. Lots of f****y and friends came to drink and partied in to the night. Mum was particularly inebriated, and her and my aunty were the last ones standing after all the other guests had left. My aunty was a bit of a wild one, and as she danced to the Beatles with my mum she demanded that I pour them some tequila shots, not that they needed any more booze at that point. Aunty Christine was another one of my naughty sexual fantasies as a teen, and by this point in the night I was d***k and horny enough to see her as a potential fuck.

After tequila shots, Christine took of her bra and started lifting up her top, revealing her mature tits. I obviously saw this as a positive sign although I was very careful to hide my excitement! I offered them some more shots, and as soon as mum left the room to use the bathroom, I danced over to my d***k Aunt with one thing on my mind. She started dancing up against me, and without even thinking I leant down and started d***kenly kissing her. She rubbed my hard cock through my jeans and I had one hand up her top and the other groping her ass. As soon as I heard my mum coming back I pulled away with fear, and we pretended nothing had happened. To my amazement, mum walked back in completely topless and laughing like it was the funniest thing ever! Aunty Christine immediately ripped her top off too, and they both pissed themselves with laughter and continued dancing together while I acted all cool and casual!

Seeing mum's tits was amazing, and I kept the shots flowing so I could continue to admire them. I made sure they both knew I was looking and they seemed to enjoy the attention. My aunty probably had the nicer rack, but my mum's breasts were far more appealing to me because of my newly found fondness of her. Still, then next time she left the room Christine and I made out again. I had a nice suck on her tits but had to stop there. She asked me to come to her room later, which of course I was already going to do.

Anyway, after another hour or so of solid partying mum and Christine were down to just their panties, and I was in my boxers dancing with them both. At some point, my aunty passed out on the couch. Mum and I had to carry her half naked to a spare bed, which we both found hilarious, despite having just had my plans crushed!

I followed mum back to the lounge, starting at her bum through her pink lacy panties. Somehow, she was still full of energy and asked me if I was going to stay up and have some more drinks with her - which of course I was.

And this is where things suddenly got crazy. Mum said something about how I'd probably prefer it if she put her clothes back on, and in my d***ken horny state I said something quite direct like "I'd prefer it if you didn't!" in a half-joking way. Fortunately, she could see that I meant it and started to cup her breasts in a sexy, flirtations way. She looked right into my eyes as she gestured her perfect tits at me with a very wasted but seductive look in her eye.

Finally - she had shown me a clear and unequivocal sign, and knowing how d***k she was I acted accordingly. It's hard to remember exactly what happened but I moved in and we started kissing like horny teenagers, and within a few seconds we had our hands in each other's underwear. She was very wet, and I was hard as a rock and when she suggested that we go to her bedroom I couldn't get there fast enough.

Considering how d***k and horny we were, we were both very conscious of Christine hearing us, despite her current state. It clearly didn't bother us too much though, and as mum took off her knickers and sat on the bed I knew what to do. I stepped forward, pulled out my cock and put it in her face. She grabbed it authoritively and started sucking me off.

I wanted to cum in her mouth within about 20 seconds, but I couldn't wait another second to have sex with her. I pushed her backwards gently, climbed on top of her and slowly pushed my cock in to her pussy. Again, I couldn't bring myself to cum because I didn't want it to end, so after about 10 minutes I pulled out and buried my face in her pussy, licking her clit and tonguing her ass. I remember having to cover her mouth with my hand to keep her quiet and when it all became too much I got on my back and asked her to suck me off. I blew really hard in her mouth and couldn't hold back a satisfying and loud 'Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!'.

We lay there together caressing each other but not really talking. After 10 minutes or so I was hard again and we started making out some more. Sadly, neither of us really had the energy to fuck again, and I was completely paranoid about us falling asl**p together and being discovered by my aunty, so we agreed to stop. I got dressed, said goodnight and made my way to a spare bedroom. I considered popping in to Christine's room, but I decided that fucking my mum's s****r might not be a great idea under the circumstances! I masturbated over what had just happened, and passed out a very happy man.

The next morning was terrible. I woke up with a pounding headache, a sore body, and a vague memory of kissing my aunty and fucking my mum. I became increasingly concerned that my aunty might have heard us having sex, which really worried me, and I really didn't want to face either of them.

Eventually I psyched myself up and walked out to the lounge, where mum and Christine were sitting quietly drinking coffee. We exchanged very casual greetings and I made myself a coffee and sat with. I had no idea what they could remember or what they had been discussing, but I felt like we all had something uncomfortable on our minds. We all made sure to point out how d***k we were and how little we remembered.

Eventually Christine went to pack her things before heading home. It was an uncomfortable five or ten minutes as mum and I sat in silence, sipping our coffees without even looking at each other. We said our goodbye's to my aunty and walked her to her car. As she drove off, I felt more comfortable and relaxed about everything and said something like 'what a crazy night' to my mum. She smiled back but immediately told me that no one can ever find out it, and of course I agreed.

As soon as we walked back inside mum asked if I thought we should have a shower and go back to bed because of our hangovers, and I casually agreed that we should. I followed her to her bedroom and watched her take off her night gown. I started undressing as a walked behind her and when she bent down to remove her knickers I put my hand on her pussy and rubbed her asshole. She turned around and told me I was a dirty boy as she started kissing me. We got in the shower and slowly washed each other while still fondling and kissing, before drying off and getting in to bed.

The passion was instant and the foreplay intense. We behaved just like a normal couple, exploring each other's naked bodies, getting hornier and hornier. Hearing my mum say those beautiful words 'fuck me' was literally a fantasy come true, and we made passionate love for ages. Soon, it turned to fucking, and mum turned in to a filthy whore! The dirty talk was a huge turn-on and I couldn't hold back my secret love for ass-licking. She told me I could put my finger up there, and once I did I wanted to put something else in there too! I asked, and she permitted, and after about five minutes and a bit of lube I was for the first time having anal sex. It was so hot that after a few slow thrusts and hearing her moan out of pain and pleasure at the same time, I came hard inside her ass.

I fell in a heap next to her, and after telling me that next time it would be her turn to cum, we fell asl**p together.

That day we must have fucked about eight times. By the time I had to leave it was agreed that we would continue our i****tuous encounters indefinitely. This time, instead of stealing a pair of mum's dirty panties, I got her to give me a pair as I left. We kissed each other goodbye and said 'I love you' about three times, then I left.

What happened next? Tune in next time!
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