The Teachers Cupboard

As Helen walked into the school she rolled her hips from side to side. She felt the stares of all the guys in her year gawping at her phat ass. She walked over to her form room and pushed open the door. Ryan and his mates sat in one corner listening to each others jokes, like they normally did. Amy, Nikki and Stephanie sat in the other talking about fit guys and who they’d like to fuck if they got the chance.

‘Hey’ Helen said perching on a table top.
‘Hey girl’ said Amy, flicking her long eyelashes at her.
Amy had always flicked her eye lashes at everybody. Their little gang was always flirting with each other in small ways, pinching asses, squeezing tits and licking each others bodies in obscene places!!! Helen glanced at Ryan and he was looking at her back, she held the gaze and licked her lips lightly. He raised his eyebrows and turned away.

Later she saw him looking at her again, and for the first time she noticed him for real. He had an athletic body, nicely tanned, six foot tall, muscular face, while having a tough guy attitude he had clear blue eyes swimming in emotion.

But why would a popular guy like him be practically gaping at a simple girl like her? All she had was c cup boobs, golden tan, a cleanly shaven snatch (that was as pink as they day she was born), blonde hair with brown streaks, and deep blue eyes, oh and that phat ass. Now she realised what he was gawping at and she felt her pussy get itchy and a wet patch started to form on her thong.

At the end of the day she said goodbye to Nikki and got on her bus with Amy, they sat up the top of the bus and talked about hot guys they’ve fucked before. Helen didn’t really talk, partly because she could get a word in edge ways, coz Amy wouldn’t stop talking! She could talk for Britain!

But mostly because she had never really had sex before. And she felt to shy to ask what it was like first time. She still felt her pussy itching even now, slowly she slithered her hand down to her skirt and started rubbing her clit from side to side. She breathed and her heart rate increased to ten beats a nanosecond. She was no longer focusing on what Amy was saying, she was thinking of Ryan and what sex for the first time felt like when that bulge in his trousers would be in her pussy!!!

Soon she managed to control herself, when the bus stopped outside her house, she stepped off and slowly stepped up the drive way to her garage, where her brother and his friends were hang in out as usual, playing heavy metal music and talking about cars. She walked in the front door and dumped her bad in the stairs walking up them to her bedroom.

She walked into the room shutting and locking the door behind her, she walked into her on suite bathroom, dropping her skirt unbuttoning her shirt and dropping her silk thong to the floor. She looked at herself half naked; her bra, pink silk and black lace, showing through her unbuttoned shirt which hung onto her shoulders, her cleanly shaven pussy felt amazing in the breeze from the open window.

She went to the toilet and sat down; she started pissing and slid a finger down into her asshole. She sighed and winced when her manicured nail scratched her ass wall. When she finished, she, with her finger still sticking out of her ass, stood up and walked over to her bed. When she sat on her finger, it was forced about another 2 inches up her ass and she started playing with her pussy in lust.

She pushed her finger into the pussy, without knowing it, keeping her finger on her g-spot increasing her lust and want for pleasure, she started sliding her fingers in and out of her ass, imagining that she was being pounded by her best friend with a strap on dildo and Ryan.
She didn’t care whether Ryan was in her pussy or her ass, and vice versa, all she wanted was to cum, she needed to. She hadn’t had the chance all day. Usually she got a chance to flick her cit to get her feeling sexy during lessons, in the girls’ toilet, but they had been busy today, so she never got in there alone.

Helen was dragged through a vicious orgasm which rocked her body and made cum shoot out of her pussy, the last dregs seeping down into her gapping asshole. It only occurred to her that she didn’t know what sex felt like for the first time and wondered if her finger would be the same feeling like a dick. She got cleaned up and showered for a while, she played with her nipples and pulled her breasts up to her face and sucked her own nipples for a few minutes before shooting cum down her legs without even touching her pussy.

The next day she walked into her form room again after adjusting her short skirt which, when she bent over, revealed the fact the she had a large camel toe and loved it. She sat on the desk facing Ryan and got into her friends conversation. Ryan glanced at her and did a double take when he saw her camel toe hanging over the edge of the desk, under a short skirt. ”Jesus Christ” he thought, he forced himself to turn back and unwillingly didn’t look at her again until PE.

When it was PE, the school (and this sounds daft) only had 1 room for 2 sexes to get changed. So the girls and the guys filed in through 1 door into the large room taken up by pegs and racks, and that included the girls. Ryan pulled off his shirt and immediately had nearly every girl in the class taking their clothes off near him as well.

Helen and Stephanie stayed further away.
‘Oh my god!’ said Stephanie quietly ‘How can they like him, I mean he is the worst dressed being on the earth, he doesn’t like any type of music other then that heavy metal shite and he likes cars and engines.’
‘I know. He’s gorgeous isn’t he?’ she said taking off her skirt and forgetting about her camel toe.

‘Oh my god Helen!’ Stephanie said staring at her friend’s crotch. ‘That’s so hot!’ she whispered.
‘Shhh’ Helen said quickly ‘Do you want everybody to see it? It’s supposed to tease Ryan’

‘Well its doing’ the job, he won’t stop looking at you.’
‘Yep. And he’s hard, I can tel. I got a nose for those typa things.’
‘You sound like a slut.’ Helen said and Stephanie joked, putting her head on one side and raising her eyebrows quickly.

During the lesson, the teacher put the class into mixed sex groups, and (YEP YOU GUESSED IT) put Helen with Ryan and Megan, who was a real slut. “Talk about mixed sex groups” thought Helen. Then thought “God Ryan’s bulge looks even bigger up close!!!”

Ryan walked over to her and asked her what she wanted to do. “I want to fuck you right now!!!” said her brain ‘I don’t know’ said her mouth, she cursed herself, silently, for stuttering. Ryan looked her in the eyes and forced her true feelings surface and she felt her pussy itch and get damp. He cheeks reddened and Ryan had a satisfactory smile on his face.

After the lesson, Ryan went in first and wrote a little message on a piece of paper which he slipped into her thong strap next to her ass on his way out after changing.

When she looked at it, it said: FORM ROOM. LUNCHTIME. So at lunch time she snuck into her form room and Ryan came in behind her a couple of minutes later. He threw off his bag and picked her up pressing his face against her chest, he nuzzled his way around and started sucking her nipples through her shirt, and they became erect and stood to attention almost immediately. Ryan kept his frantic sucking and nibbling going until she started to cry with pain, tears rolled down her face but she begged for more.

Ryan pushed her gently onto the table top and said;
‘Helen, I know you haven’t lost your virginity.’ Helen sagged ‘But I don’t mind, I’ll be gentle if you want me to’ She nodded and her pulled down her skirt. He stood and stared at her camel toe.

Slowly, and desperately, he lowered himself and ran his top row of teeth over her pussy lips, his own way of getting girls aroused. He shivered and begged him to suck her. So he ripped her thong from around her hips without it even reaching her knees he tossed it into an open box in the bin. He smashed his face into her pussy and she screamed quietly in pain and pleasure, he felt around her pussy with his tongue and found her clit.

He flicked it with his tongue and a stream of pre-cum flowed out from his cock, bulging in his trousers the thought it would tear them off, so he reached down and undid his belt and zipper. He slid his trousers down when footsteps where heard along the corridor. He picked up their stuff and moved it under a table, then picked her up, resting a hand on her ass, pushing a finger up her crack, and carried her into the teacher’s cupboard.

He closed the door and pushed the finger into her ass, but only slightly. He pushed his tongue into her pussy lips again and felt around for her clit, he found it and flicked it again; she raised her hips and pushed her pussy into his face. His cold breath acted as a vibrator and increased her climax; she felt the orgasm rising inside her, she pushed it down towards her pussy and it flowed onto Ryan’s face, surprising him.

‘Alright, then’ he said with hint of a snarl in his voice.
H pulled out his cock and aimed at her pussy, without warning he hurled at her and pushed his cock to the hilt, she hardly groaned at all with this.
‘How big is your cock?’ She asked screwing her face up and the head of his large prick pressed into her stomach.

‘I don’t really know, I haven’t measured it recently, but I would say about 10 inches long, and about 5 or 6 inches in diameter.’ She gasped as he pulled it out and rammed it back again, increasing his pace all the time.

He was now giving Helen her first ever pounding, pummelling her pussy until she lay nearly unconscious.

‘Helen?’ he said and she launched at him, catching him off guard, tilting him back against the wall, she hung onto his neck and was panting, raising her hips off the base of his cock up to the head of his cock and kept doing that until she came, twitching off the end of his cock and her sticky mess oozed onto the floor.

Ryan eased her down onto a cabinet and wanked over her seemingly lifeless form. He felt her breasts and pussy and came over her face, jolting her out of her slumber. He pulled her head down and she took most of the after spray into her mouth. She never thought sucking a cock would taste as nice as Ryan’s cock tasted. Soon she passed out again.

Ryan sat down and stroked her face where the cum hadn’t reached. He looked down and saw the brown mark between her ass checks, she hadn’t complained about his finger, but his cock was 5 or 6 inches bigger. “What the hell’ he thought ‘I’ll only get one chance’ He pushed her further onto the table and lubed up her asshole with sum cum from her pretty sleeping face. He pushed the head of his cock, which was about 2 inches long, into her ass and she awoke suddenly, a large wide O on her lips. Ryan stifled her scream with a long kiss.

He pushed more of his cock into her and she grinned in pain, a flash of her cum filled mouth made Ryan exited and he rammed home the reaming 9 inches in one fluid pump. She screamed rather loudly, luckily the walls made the sound rebound and deafened Ryan for a moment.

‘What are you doing?’ asked Helen in between sobs ‘Are you trying to rape me or something?’
‘No. I just wanted to try anal; I said I wouldn’t try to hurt you.’
‘No you said you would be gentle if I wanted and I want you to take it out of me now!’ Ryan shook his head and felt his cum rise in his bullocks. He started pumping in and out of her pussy, and she started to claw at his chest and stomach in an small attempt to make him stop, but he started whimpering, that changed to moaning, that changed to groaning which finally turned to screaming in pleasure and lust, she pushed Ryan down and he landed on the cold stone floor, she started to ride up and down on his length and felt him cum inside her.

She rose off his cock and the cum oozed out of her ass slowly onto his stomach. Ryan was spent, so was she and she lay on top of him. Both of them panting, he put his arms around her and asked;
‘Do you wanna go get a pizza some time?’
‘Nice time to ask, just when you’ve ripped me apart.’
‘Yes or no, coz there’s a girl in the next form down who I’d like to go out with.’ He joked.
‘Yeah I do.’ She kissed him and they got dressed and went to their next lesson.
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