Helping her out

My name is Tim and I had to volunteer to become a firefighter and I found out that that was a great way to meet people. I volunteered at a senior’s home and I met an 18 going on 19 year old young lady named Ginny who needed to volunteer to get into nursing school and I was to find out that she had a need for help with Math.

She was a fit young thing that loved to play sports. I had to keep in shape for firefighting. Ginny had jet black long hair, green eyes, and olive skin. I noticed she always wore tight sweaters or turtle necks and loose pants with black boots. She wore glasses which gave her the real appearance of being a nerd and she had a quiet, shy but conservative way about her.
Me, I am fit fairskin with redhair and very built. I was attracted instantly when I saw Ginny but I was with a girlfriend when she first appeared.

When I met Ginny she was shy of course and single. She looked to me to show her what she had to do with volunteering and then she divulged her problem with Math.
“I have a dilemma” she said ” I must get a certain grade in university prep Math to get into Nursing can you help me?”

Ginny at the time looked anxious and a bit distraught so Tim commited himself to helping her where he was really good at Math.
Ginny was overjoyed and said that if she could do anything for Tim she would.
For months Tim helped her pass her Math. Ginny came out of her shell and seemed very much changed socially by her interaction with Tim. Eventually Tim’s relationship broke off with his girlfriend who suspected him of cheating on her.
Ginny heard of the breakup and was kind of excited that Tim would be single.

Ginny headed one hot spring day close to her exam for Math to Tim’s apartment for an unexpected visit to cram in more studying. She knocked on the door and there was no response. Ginny bit her lip and thought that he was not home. She then went up the fire escape and looked in his bedroom window. She almost knocked but her jaw dropped.
Tim was nude rubbing his huge erect cock and he was taking photos of himself and she observed him submitting them to Newbie Nudes. This was a site she would learn was for submitting nude pics of yourself and viewing others. This made Ginny hot and wet. Ginny had a fantasy of being a nude model.

Ginny went to a pay phone and called Tim and he answered and she said she wanted to come over for one last study session. Tim agreed.
Tim answered the door only wearing his shorts which turned on Ginny.
When Ginny and Tim were done studying for the last time Ginny asked Tim:
“How can I repay you for this? said Ginny
“Oh you do not have to” Tim replied.
Ginny wanted to tease Tim maybe seduce him.
Ginny said ” I was thinking of modeling to raise money for my tuition, what do you think?”
Tim said ” That could be good”
Ginny said ” Hand me the scissors over there”

When Ginny received the scissors she to Tim’s surprise said she was hot and that she needed to adjust her clothing. Tim got hard from this. Ginny wanted to make shorts of her pants baring her nice toned legs when she did. Ginny cut the pants up really high making short shorts. Ginny’s ass seemed to be pushing on that fabric wanting out. Ginny looked at her boots and kicked them off and cut her socks off. She took shower sandles out of her gym bag she had with her and put her nice barefeet on them.
“Oh that feels better” Ginny sighed.

She took the scissors and cut the sleeves off her turtle neck sweater and much to the pleasure of Tim cut a large V shape done revealing nice cleavage for her nice sized plump breasts. She used the scissors to cut out her bra and threw it in the waste can. She finished by cutting the turtle neck so her belly and back and lower back were bare.
Tim could not breathe hardly with those bare nipples pointing at him from under her turtle neck to her piercing green eyes peering at him from behind those glasses. Tim was horny.
Ginny said” I know that you get off on sending nude pics to Newbie Nudes!”
Ginny indicated she wanted to participate in making pics to submit.

Tim told her he wanted to do outdoor nature pics with them fucking. Ginny agreed as payment for all the Math tutelage.
They both went to a nature park in a remote area with a camera. Ginny and Tim decided to camp by a river.
They stripped and took pics. They went skinny dipping too. Tim loved looked at Ginny’s boobs with her erect nipples bouncing. He enjoyed seeing her ass jiggle and her thighs.

As they were swimming nude and taking photos on a tri pod, some female middle aged hikers observed them at a distance. These hikers were around 38-39 and they were bisexual. They could not believe their eyes so they got their cameras and started to take pics.
It was at this point Tim grabbed an licked Ginny’s titties. He french kissed her long and hard. They fucked in various positions doggy, mission and Ginny on top all the while fucking hard and harder until Ginny and Tim call out in orgasmic pleasure.
The Bisexual female couple who were dressed in shorts, sandals and tank tops went over and startled the exhausted sexed up Ginny and Tim and said much to eveyone’s pleasure “here is our number call us we are into swinging if you guys want”. One of the bisexual women said we even would like to be on camera! Everyone grinned.
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