Losing it to a friend of my dad's

Hi all. First off let me say that this is a true account of how I lost my virginity and what we did that day. I know it’s been a long time and that a lot of people who lost theirs this way try to forget, I never have. It was weird, scary, amazing and most of all what has made me who I am today.

It was only 2 days after my 12th birthday that I lost it and I hope when you read this you don’t judge me to harshly or the others involved. I don’t.

It was a Saturday morning and with no sport that day and my only friend working at his dads shop I found myself wandering about the house getting under my mum and dad’s feet. It was just before lunch when my dad’s friend arrived asking him to go fishing. Shaun had been dad’s friend since I was tiny and when dad said he couldn’t as he had to much work to do and that if he wanted to help him then take me instead. Like I said we were as close as f****y really so I still recall looking at him and thinking he’d say no. When he smiled and told me to grab my gear I ran as fast as I could and when I came back with my rod and tackle box Shaun and dad both turned to me. Dad said if I wanted Shaun has asked if I want to camp out for the night too and fish the morning tide before coming home. I was over the moon. I went and packed a jumper and my sl**ping bag along with my pj’s.

I sat in the front with Shaun as he drove the 3 and a ½ hours to the beach we were going to fish and when we arrived there was another car parked where we pulled. Shaun said it was a couple of his fishing buddies and that they’d be fishing with us as well.
I didn’t care I got out and raced down to the surf.. It was a hot day and I wanted to swim but new of the sharks around this part of the coast. I settled for paddling and when I was called back to the car I walked back thinking of how I could get cool.
I was introduced to Tim and Lyall and we all shook hands.
The three of them set up 2 tents and a small camp site while I gathered some wood for a fire. After it was all set and ready to go they discussed where and how we would fish.
We set off and I fished for an hour before I let myself stop. I’d decided to dig a big hole in the sand and then a channel to fill it with water. Shaun helped me and it was a hole big enough to sit 2. We dug a channel and let the water fill it. I was going to just get in when Shaun said I’d better just go in with my jocks. I stripped to them and I was in. As I lay there Shaun came over and was watching me. He asked if he could get in and taking off his shirt and shorts I saw he had no under wear and that his cock unlike mine was big, thick, getting hard and almost like me he had only a patch of hair above his cock. He slid in and asked me if I had seen a grown ups privates before. I said only mum and some of the boys in gym had hair.

I didn’t know where to look or what to do. He told me that it was all ok if I wanted to look or even touch his cock. That if I did it would help me understand what mine was going to be like.

I was so nervous and didn’t want to upset him so I touched it with my finger then as I pulled away he took my hand and placed it around his cock.. It was so hard and hot in my hand that I said so. He smiled and then started moving my hand up and down his shaft. He said that my hand felt unbelievable doing that. I looked over at the others and they had moved further down the beach. I asked Shaun if this is what all men do. His reply was that if I wanted him to he would show me what men do and teach me so that I’d be ready for when I was a man.

He lifted me onto his lap and as his cock throbbed against my tiny ass he kissed me gently while he took my little cock into his hand and played with it. I was over loading with pleasure and thought it has to be ok he knows dad and besides if it wasn’t ok it wouldn’t feel this nice.

We sat like that for ages and then he had me get my gear and took me back to the tent.

Inside we undressed. I lay on the sl**ping bags and he knelt over me. He kissed me first on the lips then kissed me all the way down until my little hard cock was in his mouth..
I hadn’t ever felt anything that wonderful. After a while he lay next to me and guided me how to use my hands on his cock. He told me over and over how wonderful I was and that if I did what he wanted he would also buy me a big surprise.
I started kissing and licking his cock like he had mine without prompting and when he got me to take it into my mouth I firstly gagged then I found I could do it. I was amazed at how I enjoyed it.. He explained that he was going to cum and that if I could swallow it all and if not let it go where it wants. I wasn’t ready for what happened.. I did swallow a little but choked and most ran out. I can’t remember what he tasted like that time or if I liked it. ( I found I liked it a lot. )
He pulled me onto him and he kissed my neck then mouth. He told me then that he was going to put it in my ass and that it might hurt at first but I would like it after a while.
He lay me face down and then the most amazing feeling hit me. His tongue was in and around my tiny hole and I loved it. The first finger inside me was really nice. The second was a little painful then nice. When he moved atop me and replaced them with his cock I almost screamed. Slow and gentle he worked it into me. He fucked me with slow strokes and soon it was only an ache. By the time he came I was beginning to like the feel. We lay together for a while. His cock got hard as we did and he rolled onto his back telling me to squat over it and take it into me like that.. I did and only when he applied some lube did I manage to get it inside me. It was a nice hurt now and when he lifted me up and down on his cock I felt every inch moving in and out. He got me to grind on him and he came straight away. Without taking it out of me he got hard once more and as he started to fuck me he asked me if I liked it. I did and I told him so. When the tent opened up Tim and Lyall both crawled in. I found myself very embarrassed and very nervous.
They both kissed me then as Shaun fucked me harder they both just sat and watched then taking their cocks they wanked each other. Shaun came and they did soon after.
Although they both played with me while we were there it wasn’t until we were leaving that Shaun got me to give them all a blowjob..

That was when I lost it. Over the next 2yrs I went away with Shaun a lot.
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