Me and my Dad !!

I should start at the beginning: friends call me Lola, which is short for Lotus Larsson. My father is Swedish and my mother Japanese. I live with my daddy and my lil’ s*s. She’s a cute 18 y/o and I am three years older, and not so cute anymore. Haha, just joking. A few days ago s****r told me that she, by accident, saw dad in his room and he was having a hard-on. Sitting at the computer, he was stroking his penis. She and I are very close, and we talk about all different things. She was upset from what she saw, but she did not show it to dad. He is such a wonderful person. But it made me kind of excited. Why didn’t I go in that room that day? I a wanted to have seen his erect penis, too. Then, the day before yesterday, I spoke with dad about it. “Anna (that's not her real name) has seen you naked the other day. You wanna explain it? What did you think you did?” were the kind of accusations I made. At once he said he was sorry, but the damage was done. Anna was upset and hurt. He said, it was because he was a grown man, and didn’t have a wife, and needed some relaxation from time to time. So I asked him at what he was looking. I was very surprised, but he, after thinking about it for a while, showed me Lushstories’ website. He knows I’m not a virgin anymore, and he really wanted to show me that it wasn’t a site about minors or dating, I think. It was all about chatting with nice people around the world and sharing pics and stories. I saw his avatar and it took my breath away. Tucked in his pants, he shows his penis to people! And how big it was! Even it was covered with cloth, I could see its size.

My heart raced. I didn’t know what to think or do. Still trying to find time too think, I scrolled the page up and down, and saw his friends-list. Pictures of men and women of all ages and in all poses. Wow, that was so exciting. I even clicked some friends and saw their pics. I said it was okay for me, that I understood him, and that I wanted to speak with Anna. Then, back in my room, I sat down and made my own profile. Soon, so soon, I got my first friends! Even more excitingly, some started chatting with me, telling me how sexy I look. That felt so good. Please you guys, every girl loves to hear she is sexy! I felt kinda guilty, because they are all strangers, but what the heck, they don’t know me, I thought. So, I brought the ‘Anna issue’ up. By chatting with some of them, my desire to see dad’s penis grew more and more. The pics of guy’s penises made me hot. I got some girlfriends on my list, too. Some are even into i****t! And they talk about it! They all encouraged me. Some softly, with a great erotic touch; some in rough, but exciting language. Believe me, I have had my share of lovers during the last years, but thinking about my dad was totally different. And you guys (and girls) made me think about it more and more. I knew that dad wanted me. He never said a word, but yesterday I could see how he secretly looked at my butt, and glanced over my neck to see into my T-shirt. He is a bit taller than I. So, today, after college, I came home and made dinner for the two of us. Anna is on a school trip. We didn’t talk much. My reason was obvious: I was totally nervous. But during the day I have made up my mind to go all the way, and I never break my promises. Even the ones I make to myself. So, after dinner, I pour him his whiskey and invite him to sit on the couch. “I want to show you this film, dad” I told him. This was my excuse to make him relax. Ten minutes in the film, it was a comedy, I stood up and got in front of the TV. Slowly, I pulled my sweater higher. He stared at my naked belly. He breathed faster. He had a puzzled look on his face. “You like what you see now?” I asked. He didn’t need to say a word. I saw the answer in his trousers! Big and bigger, the swelling grew. I slipped out of the sweater, so he could see my black and white bra. I turned around and unfastened it at my back. I let it fall down and I could hear him moan. But I didn’t turn around. I didn't look over my shoulder. I just stood there my arms across my breasts and on my shoulders. Left hand on my right, and right hand on my left shoulder. I heard him moving on the sofa. I bent down slowly, unzipped my jeans and pulled them down slowly. They were so tight it took a bit wiggling with my butt until they slid down. I could hear him breathing very hard and he unzipped his pants. I showed him my butt that is barely covered by my tiny slip, but still did't look over my shoulder. I bent down to step out of my jeans and waited in that position. He stood up and I knew what will come. I spread my legs a bit, so he could see my wetness. I was completely, dripping wet! I felt his strong hands, gently, oh so gently, removing the wet slip from my portal and pushing it aside. The first word he said was more a tiger growl than a human voice. He is tall, so his hot, hard penis was way above my butt. I felt his balls banging against my opening. Big hands massaged my breasts and pulled my nipple. How did he know I love that? I moan, I was so hot, and shivers ran up and down my spine. I moaned louder. We both moan together until I can’t wait any longer. I knew he wanted me and I wanted to please him so badly. I pulled down my slip and stepped out of it. He spread my ass cheeks with his hands. He bend his knees to do me doggy style, but I wanted to see his face when we unite for the first time. I turned around. His head bend down and he took my neck in his strong hands. We kissed. My hands, on the other hand, found their way to his hot and steel-hard rod. I pulled the foreskin back. I broke the kiss and whispered two words to my father that I have never dreamed saying to him: “Fuck me!” His broad smile and the deep look from his blue eyes was enough answer. I went down on the carpet, still breathless and spread my legs as wide as I could. My pussy was wide open. But he reached down and pulled me up again and moaned barely hearable “You on top”. He lay down and the tip of his penis was at his navel. It is that long! His hairy chest moved heavily. I stepped over his chest and first gave him a good look of my wet vagina. I even spread my lips with my fingers. I rubbed my clit, which made me moan. He opened his mouth and stretched out his tongue. That was an unmistaken invitation for cunnilingus. I slowly squatted on his face. His beard tickled the skin of my crotch, but what his tongue and lips were doing down there is indescribable. I have no words for his lapping, sucking, and thrusting is tongue deep inside. Again his hands reached up for my nipples. Time stopped, and I don’t know how long he ate me, but at last, I moved down his body toward his hips, leaving a wet strip on his chest. At the same time, we reached for his cock. Both our hands guided his big penis into my hot vagina and I sank on him. He completely filled me, like no other cock has ever, ever done. He stretched me completely. Thanks to my wetness, the pain is bearable, but he sensed that I hurt. “You okay?” he managed to stutter. I could only nod. Ohhhh, it was so good. He let me have complete control. He is such a good dad. I looked in his eyes and saw love and passion. Lust and desire. Conquer and defeat. I felt he could destroy me, if he wanted. I was completely in his hands. I bounced faster and faster. Deep in, high out, deep in again. We sweated both. I pulled his hairy chest. He screamed. I moaned. I moaned and moaned. His rod was so hard. Each time I bounced down on his hips, he pushed upwards. His pubic hair tickled my clitoris before it clashed onto him. Noise did not only come out of our mouths, but also from my vagina. I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t stop making love to my father! More, I wanted more. He wanted more. We were ONE. Half in trance I felt pressure building up, higher and higher, more and more. And then I forgot everything and exploded. I didn't see, I didn't hear, I didn't breathe. I melted and I was thrown into a deep, deep bottomless canyon that was filled with all rainbow colors and more. I fled with the clouds in an endless blue sky. I didn't hear me screaming, but I felt my throat vibrate. Dad told me later that my vagina contracted so much that it hurt his swollen meat, but I don’t remember anything of that. The next thing I realized was that dad filled my vagina with his hot sperm. He shot it deep into me. Once, twice, three times, four times. Each time his balls contracted and his cock convulsed I could feel streams of semen ejecting from him many more times. My tight vagina couldn’t hold the amount anymore and it flowed - no, it shot - out. I collapsed on him. His sweaty wet chest hair wetted my breasts. I didn't mind. We became one. My dad and I were one. We were one and we kissed. We kissed until his half-erect penis slipped out of my vagina and our liquids flowed freely out of my hole and between his legs onto the carpet. After kissing, touching, stroking and licking for a while, we took a shower and then he looked me over my shoulder while I wrote this up (“I insist to keep this sentence, daddy!!!”).
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