My Dad's secret

My Dad’s best friend Mark had stayed with us many times before throughout my c***dhood. It was another visit now, while he was on Army leave, that he stayed with us and changed my view of the world.

Dad and Mark had been best mates since their Army days together, but Dad had left when I was 7 and pursued a civilian lifestyle. Mark had stayed in the Army and visited us nearly every year for the 10 years since Dad had left. This year was no different and Mum was going to put on a special dinner and had gone out shopping for everything involved. Dad and Mark were talking after lunch, so I decided to meet some mates and play some pool. I went to my bedroom and got ready and said goodbye to Dad and Uncle Mark. Just as I was leaving I realised I had no money so quickly went into Mum and Dad’s bedroom to sneak a bit of money. I was just about to leave when I heard Dad coming up the passage. I quickly hid in the wardrobe and slid the door almost closed but could still see through the gap.

My heart was racing as I didn’t want to get caught but began racing even more when the events unfolded in front of me. Before I could even catch my breath it began. “I’ve missed you buddy” said my Dad as, he and Mark began kissing, their hands tightly wrapped around each other in a tight embrace. I couldn’t believe my eyes but couldn’t avert my attention from the scene either. Dad began undoing Marks belt and jeans and I could already see a bulging hardness in their trousers. Mark began undoing Dad’s shirt buttons, exposing his smooth chest, and rubbed his hands up to his nipples before lowering his head and licking and sucking them. My Dad’s head flicked back and looked at the ceiling as he moaned with pleasure. Mark’s jeans fell to the floor and he kicked them off without even moving from Dad’s chest. His buff soldier legs rippling with every position change in the effort to remove his jeans. Dad undid his belt and jeans and removed them also, allowing his hard cock to tent out in his underwear, a slight wet spot already visible to me as this was all happening just 1 meter in front of me.

Mark’s hands meandered down and began stroking Dad’s cock through his undies. “how’s my big soldier going down here” he said, and Dad repied “obviously missing his best mate” as his hands did the same to Mark before they both pushed down their underwear and stood naked and erect in the afternoon light. They began kissing again, feverishly, with mouth and tongues probing each other as their mouths locked and lips slurped. Their meaty cocks were at eye height for me, and the sight of these two erect cocks ready for action playing swords with each other like duelling swordsmen was mesmerising and exciting. I felt an uncomfortable bulge in my own trousers and needed to release my own hardening cock from the confines of underwear and jeans. I slowly undid them and released my cock which sprung out from its entrapment, hard as a rock.

By this time their hands had wandered to their cocks and finally Dad broke away from the kiss and began sucking Mark’s nipples on either side before running his tongue and lips through Marks delicious chest hair and down his snail trail of hair from his chest down his midline over his 6 pack abs and down to his bush of pubes. My Dad buried his face into his pubes and inhaled while stroking Mark’s cock which was beginning to glisten as Dad’s hand was dispersing the precum around the head and upper shaft as he bent it downwards under his chin. Then he slurped Mark’s cock sideways along the shaft first on the left side and then in the right before consuming his entire cock in his mouth and burying his face to Mark’s pubes. I don’t know how he could take it all the way as it looked impossible. Both Mark and Dad had pretty big cocks at least 7.5 inches. Mark was in ecstasy as he held Dad’s head on each side and played with his ears, the muscles in this legs flexing and pulsing with every move and readjustment as he stood. Dad then began sliding his wet mouth in and out over Mark’s hot engorged tool, and I was able to stroke myself with each movement in and out pretending that my Dad was doing the same to me. I was so turned on I was beginning to drool precum myself.

I was lost in my fantasy for a second and when I looked back, Dad had stood up and Mark was now servicing my Dad’s hot cut cock, sucking on the head like it was some delicious lollypop that couldn’t be resisted. My Dad was moaning and Mark ran his hands up my Dad’s muscular legs and thighs before sliding one behind into his crack and the other under his balls. I thought I was going to blow so I stopped stroking and moistened my finger and rubbed it into my own arse lips to mimic what was happening to my Dad just a meter away. Electrical sensations radiated around my body as I tickled my own entrance and imagined what my Dad was feeling, as Mark was pleasuring him in the same way. Mark’s cock stood firm and drooled a little precum as he concentrated all his efforts on my Dad, I could almost reach out and touch it if I had wanted to. My Dad was moaning and holding Marks head and began pelvic thrusting as he began to face fuck his best friend. The scene was so totally hot, I licked my hand to lube up my own cock some more to slide my hand up and down my own shaft backhanded with a corkscrew rotation at each upward move. The stimulation and sensation was not like any wank I’d had before, it felt like I was involved in the scene in front of me. I had a new yearning to be close to my Dad and Mark in the same way. Tingling was radiating outwards from my cock and from my arse where my finger was still flickering in and out at the entrance. The sensations were delicious and I thought I was in heaven. There was a warmth and tingle of an approaching orgasm building in the head of my cock and a tight feeling in my balls.

All of a sudden Dad exploded with a jolt of his body and a groan and gasp as Mark’s own lips locked down on Dad’s dick, as one hand pulled on his balls and the other rotated back and forth on the lower shaft of my Dad’s cock. Mark milked every last drop out of his delicious meaty man member, savouring every bit, licking his lips as he continued. Then he stood up and kissed my Dad on the mouth, while my Dad’s hand stroked Mark’s still bulging hard cock back and forth against his stomach before Mark exploded with an erotic groaning and expulsion of rope after rope of cum spewing out of his cock and landing on my Dad’s chest. I was timed to perfection as I erupted also with a pulse of hot white lava spitting out from my cock and hitting me in the face, bit near my mouth that I was able to lick at. After about 10 jolts of Mark’s body and mine, my Dad let go of Mark’s cock and they again embraced tightly, smearing the cum on their chests and stomach between them as they continued to kiss and hug tightly.

After a couple of minutes of this sticky wet embrace and hugging which was so erotic it had already got me hard again, they parted and my Dad’s hands went to Marks rounded butt cheeks and gave them a squeeze and said “we’d better get you cleaned up gorgeous” and they walked into the en-suite bathroom. As soon as I heard the shower going I was able to make my escape and wonder to myself what was happening in the shower and what was I missing. I yearned to see more especially the sight of water running over each of their hard bodies. I was already jealous and still hard!
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